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The Best 27 Gifts that Will Entice Any Trumpet Player


Getting the best gift for any person is a demanding task. Is your best friend a trumpet player and you need to get him or her a perfect gift? The article gives you the best information on the gifts that will be perfect for the trumpet player.

Best Gifts for Trumpet Players

1.      Trumpet Tapestry

The tapestry for the trumpet player is the best smart-looking trumpet player gift. It is one of the best gifts for trumpet players. It has an aesthetic value that will entice both the non-musicians and the lovers of the trumpets. They can hang the gift in their home, office, or the band room. With the present, the place will be beautiful. The advanced technology print makes the gift the perfect choice for them.

2.      Trumpet Patent Poster

Trumpet patent is the best wall art that shows the original design of a trumpet. The inventor, Alfred Johnson, must be a very proud individual. Choose this for the perfect decoration to the players’ room. You have no trouble with fitting in a frame as it comes in the standard 11″ X 14″ frame which you buy separately. The perfect fit makes it the best gifts for trumpet players.

3.      BERP for Trumpet

BERP is something that veteran players know for practice for playing the trumpet. The Buzz Extension Resistance Piece is essential for the preparation of the fingers. The gift will help you practice without making much noise. The present will fit perfectly to the trumpet, and this is the best.

4.      Chop Saver

Playing the trumpet when the lips are burnt or dry could have adverse effects on the playing of the trumpet. You won’t want the lips to split open if the pressure is so much. The chop saver is the best gift in such situations. It will help cut out on injuries, and they will be comfortable playing in the best of tunes. The lip balm will keep the player away from the worries of the lip injury. The lip balm is one of the best gifts for trumpet players since it saves your lips.

5.      Mouthpiece Clip-on Mustache

The present is the best as it is hilarious and you can use it for casual concerts or rehearsals. It will make the trumpet player stand out among all the people in the show. Match it with a perfect hut, and you are good to go.

6.      Bach Stradivarius Trumpet Gold Trim Kit

The individuals seeking both aesthetic and musical value, the gold trim kit is the best fit for them. In the trim Gold package, you will find a water key, caps, value stems, and much more. The gift is undoubtedly the best for your trumpet player.

7.      All-in-One Trumpet Care Kit

For the best performance with the trumpet, proper care is necessary. The kit will enable him to take good care of the trumpet. In the package, all that you need to keep the trumpet in the best condition is available. The items include valve oil, polish clothes, cleaning snake mouthpiece brush, and much more. The features in the kit make it one of the best gifts for trumpet players. You don’t have to spend money all the time to repair the trumpet when you can take good care of it with this kit. You are sure of the quality of the products since the monster band is well known for high-quality products.

8.      Leather Valve Guard

The design is from genuine leather and will work correctly in getting you the best grip and control of the trumpet no matter the situation. It also acts to protect the horn’s lacquer keeping it away from wear and tear. It has the best comfort when you compare to its competitors.

9.      Trumpet Necklace

If your friend is a female trumpet player, this is the best gift that you can give her. The present is silver thus lovely and sexy. It comes with an adjustable chain which ensures that one is comfortable in it. Find it with the original gift box, and be sure she will have it all her life. The trumpet necklace is the best gifts for trumpet players.

10. Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet

It is the best gifts for trumpet players, and many people consider it the bible that works for trumpet players. The design s 150 years old. Age does not lower the knowledge that is relevant for modern-day activities. The method has the Carnival in Venice arrangement that is a love for many. It has all the levels for players in the guide.

11.  Evolution Trumpet T-shirt

Superiority complex is a common factor for trumpet players. Imagine how an additional t-shirt will work correctly for them. At all the trumpet concerts, they will be the best as they will stand out smart. If your player is a woman, you may consider getting her a spacer bra that will keep her very comfortable as she is playing the trumpet.

12.  Trumpet Stand

The market is full of options for you. However, none in the market beats the KM model. It has the best stability and will hold the trumpets very well. When your trumpet is not wobbling, playing it is fun enough. You can easily fold it when not using and keep in the gig bag.

13. “Torpedo” Trumpet Case

The case is the best for the trumpet players who ride bikes or have most of their time on the walkway. It is lightweight, thus top in selling. The design has backpack straps that you can easily fold if you are not using. Another advantage is that it can also work as a stand for the trumpet.

14.  CD: Sound the Trumpet

Alison Balsom is the best British trumpet player. Listen to her and will love trumpet playing. She records her CD with a natural trumpet. There are no valves, and the notes change as per the movement of the lips. The performance is fantastic and flawless. The CD gift will work correctly for any individual.

15.  Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer’s Guide to Trumpet History and Literature

The book is new. It has the best information for the history of trumpet blowing in addition to its musical literature. The manual has the best place as it has got the Society Journal naming it “thoughtful” and “much needed” text.

16.  Mariachi Trumpet Player Figure

Mariachi is a finely crafted trumpet playing skeleton. It comes as the best idea for the player who loves Mariachi music. If you want to form a band, collect an entire set.

17.  Harry Potter Trumpet Solos

The Harry potter selection has hits from movies. The harry potter fit for the trumpet and the collection comes with a CD that you play along.

18.  Star Wars Trumpet Solos

The book is the best especially for the fans of John Williams. The book comes with a CD that you can play along to keep everything alive. It is the perfect gift for the individuals beginning trumpet blowing. It will also work best for intermediate players.

19.  Jazz Cat T-Shirt

The t-shirt comes in five colors that will make you shine all through. The design is light in weight a feature a cool cat playing the trumpet be sure to be outstanding and perfect in the t-shirt. It works for both male and female players.

20.  Trumpet Cufflinks

If you want to appear classier at concerts, get these trumpet-shaped cufflinks. It will also act as the best conversation starter in events as it will get you the best attention.

21.  Miles Davis Autobiography

If your friend enjoys Jazz, no need to look further. The world-renown musician, Miles Davis, gets you to know the best stories of his life. He gives information on the best musician and what makes them best.

22.  Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet

For the trumpet players who are orchestras, this is the best gift. If they are planning for an upcoming audition, the CD is the best that they should have. A variety of excerpts from Phil Smith has the best guide for trumpet players. It will help the players learn to the best and have success in the audition.

23.  Pocket Trumpet

The pocket trumpet is a third the size of a standard trumpet. It will be a perfect gift for individuals who love traveling. The pocket trumpet will also make the best gift for an upcoming child trumpet player.

24.  Snowball USB Mic w/headphones + Filter

The snowball mic will work best during the practice sessions. The design is intermediate in the price options. The best model is one that has headphones together with a pop filter. Get this gift for your trumpet player, and he or she will never forget you.

25.  Yamaha Silent Brass

The trumpet sound is very annoying as it is very piercing. Yamaha silent brass system is the best solution for this. It comes with a mute that functions to muffle the sound and reproduce the best natural trumpet sound that is tolerable. You can play accompanying music if you need to record.

26.  Protec Practice Mute

The Yamaha silent brass may be far away from the budget you have, go for Protec Practice mute. It is very cheap. The design dampens the sound and as such, allows your player to have the best time in practicing.

27.  Bose Quiet Comfort Hadphones

If you trumpet player enjoys listening to music while playing the trumpet, get him the headphones as they are very comfortable. The design has the best noise control technology. When they are playing, they have the best feeling as it is very comfortable.

Best Student Trumpets


Out of all the trumpets on the market, student trumpets make up an important part of the selection. They are necessary for new players to learn basic skills.

Student trumpets are necessary for amateur players. They are a step below intermediate trumpets, and they allow new players to get started with adjusting to and learning about the instrument.

The benefit of this class is the fact that most beginner trumpets are very low in cost, so the money spent won’t be too much of a burden should the student suddenly lose interest. Many brands make trumpets for beginners, but some produce models of exceptional quality even for their class.

Even though these trumpets are limited in features and low in cost, it’s important to search for those that provide high quality components and playability.

Best Student Trumpet- Comparison Chart


Top 5 Best Student Trumpets Reviews

Etude ETR-100 Series

etude etr-100 series
The ETR-100 is as durable as some of the most advanced trumpets due to the fact that it is built from quality materials. New and young trumpet players may not be as responsible in keeping up with and cleaning their instruments, and the ETR-100 was built with this in mind. The trumpet’s body can resist corrosion even when it is not cleaned for long periods on end.

Its build is also meant to facilitate play by younger players with small hands, and this is very important for being able to easily develop skills. It has a first-valve thumb saddle with an adjustable third-valve finger ring.

Its large bore is helpful for new players as it helps them form notes accurately and easily, and its lead pipe makes projection nearly effortless. The ETR-100 comes with a hards hell case to protect it when being stored of transported.

Allora AATR-101

allora aatr-101 trumpet
The AATR-101 is an affordable model that is easy to play and has many characteristics normally found on more expensive trumpet models. It is ideal for beginners because it also makes learning much easier. This model plays well as soon as it is taken out of the box, and it creates a clear and bright sound throughout its range. It features a large bore that makes playing simpler, and it has a lead pipe made of red brass that offers a stable and warm tone.

The AATR-101 features a first-valve thumb saddle in addition to a third-valve finger ring to offer a better grip for new trumpeters. Its Monel valves offer great resistance to corrosion, and its red brass features make it a beautiful trumpet just by looking at it. This model comes included with a 7C mouthpiece and molded protective case. It is available in a rose, brass, nickel or silver finish.

Getzen 390 Series

getzen 390 series
Getzen models are some of the best student trumpets money can buy, and those in the 300 Series are known as being incredible trumpets for new players. They are more costly than many other beginner models, but they provide the performance to back up their price tags.

Models in the Getzen 300 Series are far better in terms of quality compared to most of the trumpets considered by many to be student models. These go above and beyond the needs of the new player, but they should still be thought of as less advanced when compared to trumpets at the professional level.

The 390 model in particular is easy to learn with, durable and responsive. The free-blowing trumpet has fluid valves and great gripping control. It has seamless hand-spun bells with its slide tubing, pistons and mouth pipe made of nickel silver that resists corrosion.

LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet

lj hutchen bb trumpetLJ Hutchen instruments are crafted from the best materials before being put through extensive testing to make sure only the best quality trumpets are made for sale. Their trumpets allow developing musicians to enhance their skill without having to undergo the frustrations that come along with poorly-designed trumpets.

The Bb student trumpet from LJ Hutchen is a top selling trumpet. It has the bell and bore size of professional instruments, and this allows for amazing sound, resonance and intonation. Its braced tuning slide maintains alignment while its stainless steel valves help prevent corrosion and allow consistent play. Its valves offer smooth action with exceptional tone that is particularly beneficial to beginner players.

The Bb student trumpet has a rose brass lead pipe and bell that enhances its clear tone. It has a clear lacquer finish and comes with valve oil and a plush-lined hard shell case.

Yamaha YTR-2335

yamaha ytr 2335The YTR-2335 is considered by some to be the best beginner trumpet as it offers many features found only on professional models. It is well-known for its exceptional sound quality and consistency, and its quality competes with those of the advanced trumpets. This trumpet produces a bright sound that maintains its tone throughout its range while still being easy to blow.

Its incredible sound quality can be attributed to its bell and bore size. The durable instrument also has free flowing valves that stay smooth even when not maintained by the owner. The YTR-2335 has a first-valve sliding thumb hook that provides better intonation and pressure-formed round tubing that creates better air flow by decreasing turbulence.

The trumpet is crafted to prevent air leakage, and the seamless bell facilitates even vibrations. As the best student trumpet from a well-known instrument manufacturer, this trumpet never fails to impress even experienced players.

How are Student Trumpets Different?

Student trumpets are one of three classes or types of trumpets when divided by skill level. Beginner trumpets have distinct characteristics that set them apart from other more advanced types. Student models are made to take care of the most basic needs of new or young trumpeters.

They are generally easy to control and built to be quite durable due the fact that many players using beginner trumpets are still young, and they often have their instruments in situations that may lead to falls and bumps.
Beginners should use standard B flat trumpets, and they can upgrade to other specific keys as they increase their skill. Student trumpets can only accommodate the player for so long before they need to upgrade to intermediate or professional models.

Student trumpets are often mass-produced and created by machine (although some brands offer hand-crafted beginner models), and this means the manufacturing process is less precise in order to reduce productions costs. The benefit of this process and of student trumpet models is the fact that this reduces the price of each model as well.
In contrast, professional level trumpets are made in smaller quantities. They tend to have specialized components with many of them crafted or fused by hand.

What should you look for in a Trumpet for a Student?

When it comes time to find the right trumpet, whether it is your child who wants to play in band or an adult who wants to try a new musical instrument, there are a few different factors you should look for in order to make sure you find the right one. You might be thinking that all trumpets are the same but as with almost every instrument within the marketplace, there are different grades and levels with trumpets. Listed below are some of the most important factors when finding the right trumpet for your new student.

Renting vs. Purchasing

The first and most important decision you can make when it comes to finding a trumpet for your student is whether or not you should purchase a trumpet, or rent it. There are advantages to both.

Renting – this is the most common path which is chosen, because more times than not you don’t know if your student will actually enjoy playing the trumpet. By renting it, typically for a 1-year arrangement, you give your student a chance to try out the trumpet and see if they enjoy playing it or not. If they do not, then you did not waste the money of purchasing one. Most rental trumpets are student level; but, that means you will still need to plan on purchasing one in the near future if your student decides to stay with the trumpet. A rental is a great solution for the beginning, but not a great solution for the long-term, as it is around $20 a month to rent a trumpet.

Purchasing – Unless you are 100% confident your student will play the trumpet for the long-term, this is not a good solution for obtaining a trumpet for the first time. A Student level trumpet, on average, will cost you around $700-$800. To purchase one that is at the intermediate level, the cost jumps up 50%, and will average between the prices of $1,050-$1,200. When compared to a rental for the first year, there is no comparison from a price standpoint. However, the advantages include being able to customize it to your needs, and you can also typically turn it in for credit towards the next level of trumpet when you need it. Although there are some rental places who put your rental towards the purchase of a new trumpet, that is not always the case.

Components of a Good Trumpet

Perhaps you did not play any instruments in school, or even if you did, you might not have played the trumpet. So, when you are going to look for a new student level trumpet, what should you be looking for?

Here is the main thing you should be aware of – all trumpets should be played by someone who knows how to play the trumpet before you agree to rent or purchase. If the store or person you are dealing with will not allow you to take the trumpet out for someone to test, even with a deposit, than you should be very wary of this and not trust the instrument. There are many different components which go into making the trumpet sound good, and even if one of those is off, than the trumpet will not perform at its highest level.

Someone who plays the trumpet should look out for certain aspects, which include how does the C note sound when played? There are certain notes which should be easy to play, and they will be able to tell that pretty easily. Even those who don’t know much about music can tell when certain notes don’t sound right; a person who has played the trumpet will be able to tell if certain notes or slightly flat or sharp. Overall, the notes should be very fluid and dynamic and be able to be played without disproportionate effort.

Observe how it is Mechanically put together

You might not posses the ability to get the instrument tested out by someone who plays the trumpet, and you might not know what a C note should sound like. Do not despair, you can still check the trumpet out and see if it is in good shape.

Here are some aspects you should check out with every trumpet.

The first thing you should check out is the valves, and the area around them. Are there any marks which look like dents? Are there any rips in the valves? How secure are the valves? If they move at all, or have any dents or rips in them, then you need to have that fixed before you take it.

Other things to look for include making sure that all the slides close completely. In addition to this, there should be two different rings or triggers to help adjust the tuning of the trumpet. Your student needs to be able to move these easily and efficiently. There also needs to be something which will stop the third ring from sliding out, which is usually some sort of a rubber stopper.

Also, your student will need to test out the mouthpiece, and ensure it is a good fit. There are different sizes of mouthpieces available, and so you need to ensure you have one that fits properly with your student’s mouth. This is a piece which is very easy to exchange out, so make sure you do so.


As you can see, there are plenty of different aspects to the trumpet you need to be on the lookout for when you get the first one for your student. These ideas are true for both trumpets you rent or purchase, so no matter which path you choose, you need to ensure you have the right trumpet for your student. Taking the time to make sure all aspects of the trumpet are in working order is vital towards the success your student with the trumpet. Good luck on finding the right trumpet for your student, and hopefully it will lead them to enjoy this instrument for the rest of their lives!

The Importance of Picking the Best Trumpet for your First Time Player

There are many different parts which make-up the trumpet, all of which aid towards the sweet sound you hear when it is played.

Mouthpiece – This is the piece which is most adjustable and is also one that can vary in size. When your first time player needs a trumpet, the mouthpiece is one where you need to spend a few minutes to ensure that it fits within their mouth properly. If it does not fit properly, then the trumpet will not have the proper airflow needed to make the desired notes.

The mouthpiece can be made out of a few different materials, including yellow brass, reversed lead pipe and red brass. For a first timer, the red brass is preferred because it requires less maintenance while also corrodes less due to excessive saliva. The other two are more susceptible to corrosion, and also require higher amounts of maintenance.

Mouth pipe – this is the pipe which leads directly from the mouthpiece to the rest of the trumpet. The three materials for the mouth pipe are exactly the same as the mouthpiece, and similar to the mouthpiece, you will want to go with the red brass material.

Valves – There are three main materials which valves are typically made out of, which will give you different amounts of pressure and will give your trumpet a different sound. Within most student trumpets, you will find valves made out of a nickel-plated material. This is desirable for first time players because the material will last for a long time, even if it is not cleaned that often. Nickel is also very durable, so in case the trumpet is every dropped or left out of the case and something falls on it, it should have a decent chance of staying intact.

The other material which is mostly used by those who have intermediate or higher trumpets is a Monel material. This material is a little bit less lightweight, and is smoother to play, which is good for those who know exactly what pressure is needed to make any particular note.

The last material which is used for the valves is a Stainless steel. Just be aware that both the Monel and Stainless Steel material needs a higher amount of maintenance in order to keep the same level of play during the course of its lifetime.

Bell – There are two different factors to consider with the bell, which is both the material it is made out of as well as how they are made.

Concerning materials, the different types include Yellow Brass, Rose Brass and Sliver. Yellow brass is the material found within most student trumpets, as it is the most inexpensive yet durable product. A Red brass material will allow your trumpet to have a lower and warmer tone to the notes. Silver material is only normally found in higher end trumpets, as it is higher quality, but also is less durable and needs a higher amount of maintenance.

Shifting over to how the Bell is made, the best kind of Bell is one which is made out of one piece. The one piece system allows the sound to move fluidly throughout the trumpet with no interference. Most student or first time trumpeters will have a trumpet which is made out of two different pieces which are typically welded together. Although you will still get a good sound out of this, the vibration is not as uniform as a one-piece system, which will cause the sound to be different.

Finish of the Trumpet – Lastly, how the trumpet looks does not truly affect the sound or performance, but will go a long way in determining how long the trumpet will last. There are many different looks that a trumpet can have, and the most common ones are a brass surface or a clear lacquer finish. There is also a silver plate finish available, which actually does vibrate a little bit more compared to other materials, and is found on higher end trumpets.

Types of Trumpets

This is more for you to know than anything else, so we won’t spend a lot of time looking at these. The most common type of trumpet is the BB trumpet. This model of trumpet is available for all three types of trumpets (student, intermediate and professional). There is also a BB trumpet available for marching band, so you can easily transition over to this model if your trumpet player joins a marching band down the road.

The other kinds of trumpets available include a C trumpet, Bass Trumpet, a Piccolo Trumpet, an E Trumpet, along with a few others. These other trumpets are more specialty trumpets, and should only be looked at once the BB trumpet has been mastered.

When you are looking to get your student their first trumpet, there are a variety of different aspects to look at. There is nothing wrong with going with the most basic level of all the features, and then start building your trumpet up from there. This is especially true if you buy, rather than rent, as all the components of the trumpet can be exchanged out with ease by a professional. Congrats on taking the next step on finding the right trumpet for your first time player and we hope this is a decision that leads to a lifetime of fulfillment.

Decision Time

A trumpet should never be picked based on price, appearance or brand alone. Finding the right beginner trumpet requires taking multiple factors into consideration, and choosing the best student trumpet will make dedication to playing much more likely down the line and enhance skill development.

While they may not always be made to the highest standards, student trumpets have a place and purpose just like the other classes. When still at the beginner level, there are less options available for personal expression.
Luckily, there are still many quality brands from which you may choose, and many amateur trumpets can still suit individual players’ circumstances even though they are entry-level instruments. Even if a particular model suits one player, that does not ensure that it will be the best choice for other students as well.

Student trumpets work well in the beginning, but they will eventually hinder the student’s ability to grow as a player. If the student wants to progress to higher levels, ensure there is certain commitment to playing the trumpet. Otherwise, the investments of money, time and looking for the right advanced model will be made in vain.



Best Electronic Drum Kit for Beginners 2018


This electronic drum kit reviews post was long overdue. Below, you will find reviews of the best electronic drum set for beginners on the market.

I have tried to include the top names and makes in these electronic drum review post to give you the most comprehensive choice of kits available. So, whatever electronic drum set you are looking for, you will find it here.

With any review, there will be bits left out. I will constantly be updating this beginner’s electronic drum kit reviews post.

All the electronic drum sets listed here are versatile and customizable to your own needs. The kits listed have their positives and negatives. I have tried to outline both views to help you make an informed decision.

Each drum kit review has a link to Amazon where you can see its full features as well as other customer reviews.

Enjoy this electronic drum kit reviews post.

Which is the Best Electronic Drum Set for Beginners?

There are many electronic drum kits available and deciding which one is right for you is not an easy task. Each one has its own different characteristics and complexities.

By reading the electronic drum set review below, you will have a better understanding of the pros and cons of each drum kit. Moreover, you will be in a better position to make an informed choice as to which set suits you best.

Below and to the right you will see links to the various pages of the electronic drum kits I have reviewed so far. Feel free to explore the relevant pages to find the one you are interested in.

I hope electronic drum kit reviews is of use and interest to all who visit this site.

Best Electronic Drum Set for Beginners

#1. Alesis DM6 USB Kit high-definition drum module

#2. Yamaha DTX 400K Electronic Drum Kit

#3. Roland TD-11K Compact Electronic Drum-kit

#4. Simmons SD7PK electronic drum kit

#5. Ddrums DD1 Drum Kit

Best Electronic Drum Set for the Money: Alesis DM6 USB Kit

Alesis DM6 USB KitThis drum kit, the Alesis DM6 is one of the bestselling electronic drum kits on the market. All reports say it is the best value available and it is easy to see why. The kit is easy on the eye and appeals both to experienced and novice drummers alike. There are a few problems reported by users which we will go into later in this review. Let’s look at the good bits first:

  • Low-noise, natural-feeling rubber pads: dual-zone
  • Snare with rimshot and three Toms with natural feel
  • Large Kick works with single and double pedals (sold
  • separately)
  • Large dual-zone Ride with bell and bow, Crash with
  • choke, and Hi-Hat with continuous-control pedal

The kit itself weighs around the 65lb mark and all reports from users state that it is very straightforward to set up. The Alesis DM6 is very durable can take quite a beating, of good quality build and fully adjustable. The high-hat’s continuous shift is audibly clear and of the highest quality. Users found that the high hat pedal can be positioned where you want it to be, for comfort and ease of use.

The sounds are good and the programmed kits are not just there to add to the cost or dress the kit up with pointless gimmicks. Users report that it is easy to adjust sensitivity in the pads to stop them triggering each other. The built-in equalizer to change sound-wave shape is a nice feature that users liked. The DM6 offers over a hundred kits, and over 750 sounds, as well as offering capabilities like digital delay, reverb, chorus, flanging, vibrato, stereo this and that, compression, EQ, etc.

The majority of reports concerning this kit rave about the quality of sounds that are available and the crisp response from the pads impressed many users. While some report having problems with the firmware most were very impressed. Overall users rate the Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit very highly indeed.

As always there have to be cons to most products and the Alesis DM6 is no exception, purchasers of this drum kit have had problems. Some have reported broken nuts problems with the firmware. Others have found the pads have too much bounce or the kits are not to their liking. How much of this is a problem with the Alesis DM6 or how much is down to the user we can only speculate.

The general consensus among users, is the Alesis DM6 represents good value for money. The manual and firmware if followed correctly is straightforward and makes setting your drum-kit up simple.

Best Electronic Drum Kit Under $500: Yamaha DTX 400K Electronic Drum Kit

yamaha dtx400k drum kitThe Yamaha DTX 400K is the cheapest model they do but that by no means diminishes the quality of this electronic drum-kit. The overall impression given by users is that this drum-kit is of great build quality and is comparable with more expensive kits on the market.

The Yamaha DTX 400K is easy to assemble and customizable to your requirements. The kit is put together with knobs rather than just nuts and bolts and these are of a good quality affording good strength and durability, although as users report it does shake and sway a little while playing. One problem reported is that of the cymbals, being only a quarter circle they do have a tenancy to rotate, which can be a bit of an annoyance.

The sound is a decent, not high end, but you get what you pay for, and the sound format is midi not acoustic so does not offer the best quality. The kit is fully customizable, and there are over 40 kits available, so there is plenty for everyone’s tastes. There are three volume levels and they are pretty accurate depending on how hard you hit. One thing users have found is that you cannot do rim shots.

One thing that most users have found and are full of praise for is the head unit, this is one of the easiest to navigate and is so straightforward. You can play along with songs or just do your own thing.


  • Complete electronic drumming solution at a sweet price
  • Realistic-feeling hi-hat pad with stand
  • Compact and sturdy rack system
  • Snare pad with realistic feel
  • 3 tom pads, 1 kick pad
  • 3-zone hi-hat with remote controller
  • 2 x 3-zone cymbal pads
  • DTX500 trigger module with MIDI output
  • Groove tools and on-board songs for improved practice
  • Aux input for playing along with music player
  • Programmable metronome
  • 50 pre-set kits
  • On-board effects and master EQ
  • 427 drum and percussion voices

Unfortunately you can’t upgrade this kit as you are limited to the number of jacks you have available so you cannot add any more cymbals, which many users have found annoying.

The overall impression of the Yamaha DTX 400K is as with any entry level kit you get what you pay for, and the feedback from users is that this is a good quality kit and while it is a little bit limited offers a good introduction into electronic drum-kits.

Best Electronic Drum Set Under $1000: Roland TD-11K Compact Electronic Drum-kit.

roland td-11k drum kitHow good is the Roland TD-11K kit? Well, first of all, and this may surprise some, it is mainly aimed at the domestic home market, but would not be out of place in studio. This kit comes from a manufacturer with a lot of experience and expertise in this field.

What is self-evident when looking at this e-drum kit is how stylish and elegant the whole compact set-up is. Roland as really considered everything.

Everything about the Roland TD-11K is simple, its construction means very few pieces to put together(less to loose); all the wiring is already in place- just plug it in – and the cymbals and pads are a breeze to adjust, as I said, simple.

One thing that strikes you is the difference between this drum kit and others when it comes to the hi-hat and the bass drum pedal, which users have found very innovative. With most kits the pedal is separate. The TD-11K as it already built into the construction, no positioning problems, although this does give a little lack of bounce.

Further to the set up: The cymbals although the angle cannot be adjusted, you can adjust the height, which is OK and most users have not found this a problem.

The business end of the drum kit the console, brain whatever you want to call it sits facing the player at an angle toward the player, atop the stand unit. This attaches to all the triggers easily by a multi-plug, simple but innovative.

The interface is easy to understand and is clearly labelled and simple to use giving the user many options.

Most users have found the metronome built into the unit to be accurate and so easy to use. Its buttons allow one to increase or decrease the tempo easily. With the aux at the side for CD, headphones or iPod and an output socket to attach an amp, you have all you need.

So, what does this add up to Just an expensive toy, no this is a serious piece of kit, responds very quickly to your input, with some superb layered samples.
Users of all talents have found the crowning glory of the Roland TD-11K to be the snare, this is V-Drum of top quality very realistic and responsive, wonderful samples with each kit.

While this kit may not be Roland’s top of the range as a starter set, is one of the best on the market and gets a thumbs up from those that have used it.


The Roland TD-11K is compact elegant as a simple interface, some really good samples, layered sounds a great V-Drum snare.
Due to its compactness and construction, the drum set has few positioning options and the built-in bass pedal may not be to everyone’s taste. Moreover, the Tom pads are a little small and no play along tracks included.

In general, the Roland TD-11K is a good quality, value for money drum kit.

Best Electronic Drum Kit for Metal: Simmons SD7PK – Electronic Drum Kit

simmons sd7 pk drum kitThe Simmons SD7PK electronic drum kit is of good construction with very durable and highly responsive pads, which capture every hit very well.
Whatever you’re playing style you will find the adjustable rack placements and angle adjustments easily customizable to your needs.

Users have found the hi-hat pad and cymbal pads (x2) very easy to use and the height and angle adjustments, enable a good tailored fit to your own requirements.

A good feature of the Simmons SD7PK electronic drum set is the hi-hat control pedal, a feature which many drum kits do not include unless you pay extra.

Another good point is the function of the hi-hat, which is very similar to an acoustic drum kit, and functions as a closed hi-hat when you step on the pedal and open when you release the pedal.

What users like about the SD7PK is LED display. This as a multifunction capacity, displaying all your settings on your electronic drum kit giving excellent feedback.

A very impressive sound module with 237 voices, giving lots of sounds allowing you to fully customize your own drum kits is another great feature users liked.

There are 22 preset kits and you can store a further 10 custom kits, giving you a lot of options with the Simmons SD7PK.

A nice little reverb effect is included and the usual built-in metronome, with over 40 preset songs to get you started.
The construction is good, aluminum which is strong and light. The locking hinges add to the strength and make the setting up of the SD7PK easy and straightforward.

Simmons SD7PK Electronic Drum kit Features:

* Ins/outs and pad connections
* MIDI out
* Hi-hat controller
* Hi-Hat pad
* Crash cymbal pad
* Ride cymbal pad
* Snare drum pad
* Tom 1 drum pad
* Tom 2 drum pad
* Tom 3 drum pad
* Kick drum pad
* Line output (R & L/mono)
* Aux In (stereo TRS)
* Stereo headphones output
Package includes
* Drum key
* Drum sticks (1 pair)
* 9V DC adapter
* User manual
* Assembly instructions
* All connection cables
Bass drum pedal not included


The Simmons SD7PK electronic drum kit is a low priced good quality kit. All users state that for the money you can’t go wrong.

The negatives are the sound is not pro quality. But for the money, the Simmons SD7PK electronic drum kit is a good option.

Best Electronic Drum Pad: Ddrums DD1 Drum Kit

ddrum ddi drum kitThe first thing you will notice about the Ddrums DD1 is the color scheme, very much in your face red. It is a very light kit weighing in at only 35lbs and of good construction, but not outstanding. Most users have found this drum set to be more for the beginner rather than the more accomplished musician.

The Ddrums DD1 is not overly big so does not require a lot of room to set it up, and for the price is a good starter set. All users agree that this particular electronic drum kit is quiet and can easily be played at midnight and no one would know. The module does have a good range of sounds but may end too soon for most users’ tastes and also are a little bit too limited overall.

Another problem that experienced users have found is the pads are a little unresponsive, a bit limiting when it comes to professionals using it. The specs look very good:

  • Complete electronic drum set
  • Perfect for quite environments where space is an issue.
  • USB and MIDI compatible
  • Auxiliary input for MP3 playback
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • One ride cymbal pad
  • One hi-hat cymbal pad
  • Hi-h at controller pedal
  • Ddrum module
  • One crash cymbal pad
  • Four single-zone drum pads
  • One kick drum stand and pad
  • Rack system
  • 215 Voices
  • 20 Preset Kits, 10 User Kits
  • 50 Preset Songs

It is obvious to most users that this kit is limited. But as a starter kit, the Ddrum DD1 is a good choice. It is ready to use straight out of the box. It comes complete with the DD1 Module that as 30 completely editable kits,  enabling you to move from one music genre to another at the push of a button.

The overall conclusion from most users is that while this kit offers some good features, it is most definitely limited in what you can achieve. However, all users agree that for those working within a strict budget, the Ddrums DD1 offers the beginner good value for money. If you can except its limitations, it  can offer lots of enjoyment for the budding drummer out-there.

Check out the video below of the Ddrums DD1 in action.



Dr Drum Review 2018: Best Beat Making Software for Beginners


Never really liked musicians much in my life, especially DJs who could whip up beats in a jiffy and catch the attention of all those present in a room. My reason was simple – I’ve always wanted to be a great DJ but never could realized that dream. Don’t ask why but that’s my life, well up until now at least.

Get Your Dr Drum Here at The Official Site

Dr Drum changed this around for me and I am proud to say that my life’s dream of being the center of attraction has finally been fulfilled. I would never have found out about this software had I not been foraging through some DJ forums. One special thread caught my attention and it was all about dishing out insult on Dr Drum beat making software.

Well, naturally, I wanted to find out why this simple sounding software was getting trashed by full time musicians. Read on and find out why hard working musicians have a problem with Dr Drum and how it helped me gain popularity.

Dr Drum Review – Its All That You Will Ever Require

Right so the idea of a disc jockey is to pelt out wicked tunes and beats, liven up a party and get folks grooving on the dance floor. Beats, drums and synthesizers are the key here but most of these accomplished DJs are also excellent musicians in their real avatar.

What about the rest of us?

The commoners with zero music making idea?

Well, that is where Dr Drum excels. Its not a product for music grads or pros but more catered towards folks who simply want to create magic with the touch of a button.


Get Dr Drum Here at the Official Site

If you are one of those folks who hardly bothers about how the music is made and only wants to recreate the magic, this is the beat making program for you. I wasted no time after seeing so many musicians hyped up against Dr Drum and downloaded my licensed copy to get started. My first impression was, I have been duped! Yes, there are plenty of things to do in this, so called, tiny software that you might just find yourself lost in it all.

Here are a few of the things that it provides:

  • 16 Track Sequencer

    16 track sequencer is the norm within the music industry. This is something I learnt later with more experience. Dr Drum beat making software gives you a total of 16 tracks to change stereo sound with, play patterns and include several beats, FX, keys, strokes and sounds. Its simple to copy bars or even multiple bars with just two clicks, change track volume, adjust the tones and pan the effect or even mute them to play with the ultimate production. Best of all, the YouTube uploader then lets you share your creation online and become a public sensation.

  • 12-Pad Drum Machine

    Total of 12 pads and with literally thousands of professional, exclusive booming sounds you can create beats of a magnanimous nature. I personally have mixed and matched hundreds of beats together and reproduced a truly unique beat. There is simply no boundaries as to what you can achieve with the drum machine interface of Dr.Drum. Mix the volume on different channels, change kits and do whatever you want to play with the drum beats.

  • 4-Octave Keyboard

    The 4-Octave keyboard lets you add in FX, strings, synthesizers, saxophones, pianos, guitars and plenty of other sounds. With this simple tool, you will make your beats even cooler. In my first production, I mostly relied on synthesizer sounds but towards my second gig, I understood the phenomenal change that I could bring in with a mixture of different bases. But, what I loved the most about its 4-Octave keyboard is that with a single sample, it can scan imported sound and recognize the note, recreating all other necessary notes for a complete four octave reproduction.

You can check out the comparison chart below:


Dr Drum Review – The Pros And Cons

The most obvious advantage of Dr Drum is that its available as a single software. No add-ons, no instruments needed at all. Just your average PC or laptop will suffice for a Dr Drum download. And yes it does come along with Mac version too.

Already built in with thousands of beats, notes and tunes, you never have to think of another software just for creating a new beat. But where this software trumps all other DIY beat maker program is in its simplicity and intuitiveness. From the moment you open the Dr.Drum download to the time you complete your first independent production, you will find yourself naturally learning new stuffs.

Plus, everything you encode will be in WAV format instead of MP3, so you never have to worry about losing out on sound quality.

Speaking of the cons, Dr Drum beat making software has a simple fundamental problem – its not designed for pros. Yes, if you are a professional reading this review, better head somewhere else because you will be sorely agitated and disappointed with Dr Drum. Its a beat making program for novices, wannabe DJs, and Rock stars at heart.

Its Been An Amazing Experience For Me

In all honesty, I have never before stumbled upon another beat making software that was so simple and easy to use. If ever any professional DJ found out my secret, I would definitely be in for an earful but until then I am living my dream with Dr Drum and its many fascinating sounds.

Get Dr Drum at the Official Site Here

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners [2018]


Beat making is an art in which a music expert makes hip hop or rap music. It sounds so simple but actually it’s not. In fact it is very much complicated and hard to learn and remember its beats. But a beat making software makes it quite easier for both novice and pro type music creators. Therefore they are in such a demand these days that if you go and search online, you will get confused from a list, about choosing particularly the right one. Read below to know about the top 5 beat software so that choosing the best one will be much easier for you.

#1. Dr Drum Beat Making Software

dr drum beat making software

Dr Drum makes you a music expert like a DJ easily even if you have not learned the basics of music management. All it takes for you to create innovative and interesting music beats is to buy its licensed version, install it in your computer and go through the manual if you need or just try it yourself. It has the following features that can blow everyone’s mind.

  • 16 Track Sequencer: For every music industry, 16-track sequencer is one of the most common features. With Dr Drum software you can get 16 tracks which help to change the stereo sound, play predefined music with the help of several inbuilt beats. In just two clicks you will be able to copy one or more than one bar, change volume of tracks, adjust pitch and effect very easily. After finishing you can make beats online as well using this software.
  • 12 Pad Drum Machine: If you are thinking about what could be the number of maximum sound creations possible, then get this clearly that you can create thousands of audios using booming sounds. Hundreds of beats can be mixed in this software, making sure that each and every creation goes unique every time. While you are doing this you can also bring other changes like volume changes, kits changes etc for more creativity.
  • 4 Octave Keyboard: Its keyboards is so amazing that you can add several other controls to your creation such as guitar, piano, saxophone, synthesizer and many other functions in just a few clicks.

This software is not available for free. Also you need to have good woofers or any other good quality audio speaker to feel its effects more effectively. But it is still one of the best beat making software for mac and for other OS too.

#2. Dub Turbo Beat Maker

dub turbo beat making softwareDub Turbo has so many features that attract the DJs into using it but when the DJs really use the software, it attracts the listeners much more. For sound tests, Dub Turbo has 44.1 KHZ of WAV files rather than low quality files of MP3. You can broadcast your music files instantly with great quality. It has a 16 track sequencer with drag and drop feature. Dub Turbo allows you to play the keyboard as the drum machine. No need to use any external MIDI file since several music files are available in it.

#3. Sonic Producer Beat Making Application

sonic producer beat making softwareSonic Producer is another high class beat making software having a large library full of unique and excellent quality sounds. Particularly the number of those sounds is more than two thousand and all of those can be accessed in just few clicks. Its 16 track sequencer is made very easy so that new learners would not find it much difficult to understand the functions each and every option.

For low speakers the music produced from this software sounds very good but in more powerful woofers and large music systems you will find its music a little hazy as it uses MP3 quality instead of WAV.

#4. Sony Creative ACID Music Studio 9.0

Sony Creative ACID Music StudioSony ACID Music Studio 9.0 gives you excellent experience in recording sounds which is very easy and full of quality. Sounds are good to hear in all types of speakers. Its beats and controls are easy to make out.

Some users find it difficult to handle as it delays during the main operations. Also it flanges, distorts and phase shifts on almost every sound. But the collection of various MIDI sounds and quick tutorials make it easy to learn in a shorter period of time. Another great beat making software for Mac, this one is counted as one of the better applications.

#5. MAGIX Music Maker MX

MAGIX Music Maker MXMAGIX Music Maker MX is one of the very few software which has 64 tracks to play audio, video and MIDI. It comes with a huge number of pre-installed MIDI sounds and loop types. It has a better media player than others along with lead synthesis, guitar amplifier, looping designer and drum engine etc. It doesn’t have all those features that Dr Drum has but still gives enough results and conventional for novice users.

Things to Check before Buying a Beat Making Software

Pick up the best suited beat maker, buy it and install it but before that you should make sure your computer hardware and software support that beat software or not. Otherwise either the beat making software might not run totally or will give less performance. Though you don’t need any talent or knowledge about the basics but reading the features again is very important and that it most suited your style. This will help you to make even more interesting sounds.

These are the five top beat making applications but the best beat making software is undoubtedly Dr Drum, which you can trust the most if you are looking towards making your career in music creation job such as DJs. You can use this software only for fun as well but seriously this software is not meant to use for fun at all. These are used worldwide by very famous professionals and people rarely think about how they do it actually. So here is the secret of becoming a DJ in few weeks which is made possible by these beat making software and believe it or not; easy steps.