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General Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey, welcome to my affiliate disclosure page.

I just want to make sure everyone understands that I will make some commission for every purchase you click on my affiliate link. Personally I think that it is important for you to know this. Because there are so many review sites out there are not willing to share this important notice to their readers. Some with hidden charges, and some hiding their banners or links for the sake of clicks. Webmasters usually will get some sort of payment through clicks.

I believe in work ethics and I’m going to hold on to it.

I do make some other review sites, but I write and publish them because:

A) I’ve used it myself and I’m happy to share my personal experience with my readers.

B) If I think the product is not worth buying, I will gladly tell you so due to frustration.

Again, I do make some small commission from all the sites that I build, but these are all my personal sites which I personally developed during my free time. Telling you upfront and honest about it is the way it should be in this year and beyond.


– Ken “Drummer Boy” Allan