Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

Beat making is an art in which a music expert makes hip hop or rap music. It sounds so simple but actually it’s not. In fact it is very much complicated and hard to learn and remember its beats. But a beat making software makes it quite easier for both novice and pro type music creators. Therefore they are in such a demand these days that if you go and search online, you will get confused from a list, about choosing particularly the right one. Read below to know about the top 5 beat software so that choosing the best one will be much easier for you.

#1. Dr Drum Beat Making Software

dr drum beat making software

Dr Drum makes you a music expert like a DJ easily even if you have not learned the basics of music management. All it takes for you to create innovative and interesting music beats is to buy its licensed version, install it in your computer and go through the manual if you need or just try it yourself. It has the following features that can blow everyone’s mind.

  • 16 Track Sequencer: For every music industry, 16-track sequencer is one of the most common features. With Dr Drum software you can get 16 tracks which help to change the stereo sound, play predefined music with the help of several inbuilt beats. In just two clicks you will be able to copy one or more than one bar, change volume of tracks, adjust pitch and effect very easily. After finishing you can make beats online as well using this software.
  • 12 Pad Drum Machine: If you are thinking about what could be the number of maximum sound creations possible, then get this clearly that you can create thousands of audios using booming sounds. Hundreds of beats can be mixed in this software, making sure that each and every creation goes unique every time. While you are doing this you can also bring other changes like volume changes, kits changes etc for more creativity.
  • 4 Octave Keyboard: Its keyboards is so amazing that you can add several other controls to your creation such as guitar, piano, saxophone, synthesizer and many other functions in just a few clicks.

This software is not available for free. Also you need to have good woofers or any other good quality audio speaker to feel its effects more effectively. But it is still one of the best beat making software for mac and for other OS too.

#2. Dub Turbo Beat Maker

dub turbo beat making softwareDub Turbo has so many features that attract the DJs into using it but when the DJs really use the software, it attracts the listeners much more. For sound tests, Dub Turbo has 44.1 KHZ of WAV files rather than low quality files of MP3. You can broadcast your music files instantly with great quality. It has a 16 track sequencer with drag and drop feature. Dub Turbo allows you to play the keyboard as the drum machine. No need to use any external MIDI file since several music files are available in it.

#3. Sonic Producer Beat Making Application

sonic producer beat making softwareSonic Producer is another high class beat making software having a large library full of unique and excellent quality sounds. Particularly the number of those sounds is more than two thousand and all of those can be accessed in just few clicks. Its 16 track sequencer is made very easy so that new learners would not find it much difficult to understand the functions each and every option.

For low speakers the music produced from this software sounds very good but in more powerful woofers and large music systems you will find its music a little hazy as it uses MP3 quality instead of WAV.

#4. Sony Creative ACID Music Studio 9.0

Sony Creative ACID Music StudioSony ACID Music Studio 9.0 gives you excellent experience in recording sounds which is very easy and full of quality. Sounds are good to hear in all types of speakers. Its beats and controls are easy to make out.

Some users find it difficult to handle as it delays during the main operations. Also it flanges, distorts and phase shifts on almost every sound. But the collection of various MIDI sounds and quick tutorials make it easy to learn in a shorter period of time. Another great beat making software for Mac, this one is counted as one of the better applications.

#5. MAGIX Music Maker MX

MAGIX Music Maker MXMAGIX Music Maker MX is one of the very few software which has 64 tracks to play audio, video and MIDI. It comes with a huge number of pre-installed MIDI sounds and loop types. It has a better media player than others along with lead synthesis, guitar amplifier, looping designer and drum engine etc. It doesn’t have all those features that Dr Drum has but still gives enough results and conventional for novice users.

Things to Check before Buying a Beat Making Software

Pick up the best suited beat maker, buy it and install it but before that you should make sure your computer hardware and software support that beat software or not. Otherwise either the beat making software might not run totally or will give less performance. Though you don’t need any talent or knowledge about the basics but reading the features again is very important and that it most suited your style. This will help you to make even more interesting sounds.

These are the five top beat making applications but the best beat making software is undoubtedly Dr Drum, which you can trust the most if you are looking towards making your career in music creation job such as DJs. You can use this software only for fun as well but seriously this software is not meant to use for fun at all. These are used worldwide by very famous professionals and people rarely think about how they do it actually. So here is the secret of becoming a DJ in few weeks which is made possible by these beat making software and believe it or not; easy steps.

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