Best Electric Violin Buying Guide Reviews

If you’re a novice violinist and you are thinking about getting yourself best electric violin, you should consider your budget, along with the style of music that you want to play.  The general consensus is that one should stay away from the bargain basement e-violins, unless you don’t mind modifying it.  Although conversely a case can be made for purchasing a cheap fiddle to see whether you like the electric at all.

A good example of this second school of thought can be found in the customer reviews for this particular electric by ViolinSmart . . .

Electric Violin

Students learning to play a violin may want to consider an electric violin or silent violin. Advanced violinists may also find use for these instruments as well. Electric violins allow violinists to control the sound output of the instrument through built-in amplification controls or by plugging in headphones.

These instruments provide minimal disturbance to housemates or sleeping inhabitants of the same home.

Electric Vs Acoustic Violins

An electric violin is quite similar to its acoustic counterpart, but with a couple of differences. The first difference is that nearly all acoustic violins are tuned and shaped in the same manner.

On the other hand, electric violins are available in a range of shapes and could be tuned in several ways. Certain versions also have their upper bouts eliminated, which means that the user could play in higher positions. A lot of electric violins also come with a solid body exactly like electric guitars. Due to these variations, selecting an electric violin implies getting more familiar with the various varieties that the musical instrument has.To learn more click here about how Many keys on a piano.

Most preferred strings for best electric violin

After lurking around several forums, blogs and online stores, I’ve found the below answers to be most common preferences for electric violin strings. I’ll publish the results of your preferences, but I’m mostly hoping to stir up a conversation on strings in the comments section. And as a side note for those about to purchase strings, make sure the strings are compatible with your pickups. For example, an electromagnetic pickup can only be played with metal strings.After reading the all tasks to read most important guideline of best violin how to play violin .

Recommend strings for electric violin by Thomastik Dominant

=> Pirastro Tonica
=> D’Addario NS Electric
=> D’Addario Helicore
=> D’Addario Zyex
=> Super-Sensitive Sensicore
=> Super-Sensitive Sensicore Octave

Best Electric Violins Reviews

NS Design WAV 4 Violin Review:


Several designs are available that reduce feedback while giving a close approximation to a traditional acoustic violin. This design is often referred to as a “semi-hollow” design. To reduce the weight of the instrument, designers introduced an atypical, minimalist design called a “solid body.”

This instrument is made of Kevlar, glass and carbon fibers. Some instruments come with sympathetic strings, “baritone” strings, frets, machine heads or extra strings.

Magnetic or piezoelectric pickups are used for the electric violin. A silent violin will often have violin strings that contain ferrous metal cores or wraps. The string must contain an electrical conductor in order to be considered an electric instrument.Check out Yamaha SV-130 review.

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Crescent 4/4 Full Size Student Violin Review:


A couple of violin styles are fit for understudies. The instruments are cheap, and they have all the vital components of a violin. They additionally accompany all the fundamental embellishments that a violin ought to have. A decent illustration would be the Violinsmart electric violin. The way that it is electric makes it extremely solid for students than a manual violin would.

The other advantage of attempting it is that it has a few styles. You can pick the style that matches your tastes and inclinations. On the off chance that you go for the noiseless electric styles, attempt the full size 4/4 Violinsmart with adornment. It’s stunning dark complete is the main decision for general understudies. Dark is a nonpartisan shading that looks great in each perspective.

In this way, in the event that you pick this instrument, it will look popular wherever you convey it. Indeed, even your kindred understudies will worship its smooth, exquisite wrap up. Above everything, your companions, kindred understudies, and you are probably going to appreciate this present violin’s usefulness. It is well worth purchasing this violin than numerous other electric styles.

Let us look at its major features

  • This hand carved violin has a high sheen black finish.
  • Come with a light triangular case made of sturdy canvas fabric.
  • It has canvas shoulder straps too.
  • Comes with Rosin.
  • Features a tough spruce top, maple back and rib.
  • Its black fingerboard, chinrest and pegs are made of hardwood.
  • Comes with totally Mongolian unbleached horsehair bow.
  • Has a fine tuner tailpiece,  and ebony fittings.

Why Should You order this Violinsmart electric violin for yours?

Are you a music student? If yes, chances are that you have been looking for an affordable violin. This Violinsmart pick is precisely for a student like you. It is cheap, elegant, and sturdy enough. Students do not have plenty of money lying around. Even so, they must not settle for low quality, good for nothing violins. Thanks to Violinsmart, students do not have to waste the little bucks they have anymore.

After the vendor delivers this violin to your doorstep, the next thing is assembling the bridge. Do not worry about setting the bridge, as it is extremely simple. Even a novice violinist can do it right. The pegs might slither slightly, but you should simply push them in as you tune the violin. A peg dope use could even make it effortless. If you attend a lesson every day, all you have to do is set your violin in advance, and place it in its case.

Excellent Features

The case is made of lightweight material thus it adds zero weight when bearing. It also protects your instrument when you are not using it. Every accessory that comes with this violin is user-friendly and strong. You might want to use Amazon to order the electric violin turner too. This cheap item enhances the functionality of Violinsmart electric violin for students. For only a little dollar above fifty, you are ready to take this smart violin home. Then, you can take this desirable thing anywhere they invite you to perform.

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ViolinSmart Full Size 4/4 Electric Violin Review:

Violins are immaculate melodic instruments that many individuals consider purchasing. The sizes, styles, and costs contrast a considerable measure. A few violins are costly, and others are reasonably costly or obviously modest. For this situation, the way that the violins are shabby, regarding values does not make them pointless. Some of them are useful for understudies, specialists, and experts. At the end of the day, the cash you can bear to spend decides the kind of violin you can purchase. The expertise you have and the usefulness of the instrument matter the most. Albeit a few people consider the stylish estimation of their violin, the simplicity of utilizing it numbers a ton. Any sort of instrument you need to purchase for yourself is accessible. The brands are numerous and some of them are extremely prominent. For example, Austin Bazaar electric violin is quite recently the correct thing for you.


The brand has different styles that could coordinate your needs. Be that as it may, the electric violin 4/4 full-size style, should discover its way to your present accumulation. On the off chance that you don’t have any instrument made by this brand, this electric style is great. To start with, we as a whole realize that electric instruments are more dependable than the manual sorts. These are most recent in form now. The other favorable position the electric violins have is their noiseless trademark. Do you know what it implies? It implies that you can tune the violin in a room loaded with commotion with no diversions.To read best violin for beginner, intimidate and advance level player.

It doesn’t deliver superfluous vibrations, as you tune it. For just a hundred and four points nine-five dollars, you can pay for this fiddle. This is a reasonable Amazon value that you can barely discover somewhere else. Originating from a respectable source, you can expect a full bundle when getting it.

Let us analyze the violin’s main features

  • It is a full size 4/4 silent violin
  • It uses a nine volt battery advance amplifier
  • For extra comfort, the violin comes with a built-in shoulder pad
  • The instrument is available with black hardwood pegs, fingerboard, tailpiece and chinrest
  • The violin comes with a full wooden bow, rosin, gig bag, nine volts battery, amplifier cable and a soft shell case.
  • The assembling is simple and direct

Why should you buy this Austin Bazaar electric violin?

To most users, the price matters more than the quality. However, when the price and quality of a product break even, the users go for it. This is the case with this string instrument. It is relatively cheap and the quality is matchless. You certainly would be happy after buying it. Tuning for the first time for beginners might be slightly difficult. Even so, all they must do is getting used to the hardwood pegs. A few peg slips do not make any violin a bad choice. For sure, you will grow to love this instrument as you play it. Without a doubt, its ability to produce a good sound makes you realize that the violin has good electronics. Play it during lessons, during a stage performance or whenever else you want. This Austin Bazaar electric violin is a prudent choice for all players.

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Cecilio 4/4CEVN-3BL Review:


Picking a decent violin does not need to be a troublesome or unimaginable. To begin with, the choices are endless, and every violin has something to be thankful for to offer the clients. At the point when chosen deliberately, a violin should keep going for a considerable length of time to come. To add to its life, you ought to be excited about the violin adornments you pick. On the off chance that you are genuinely scanning for a decent instrument, purchase the Cecilio violin. Cecilio is among the brilliant brand names you will run over. Its instruments are valuable than a few different models. Also, its violins have diverse styles and appearances. You should pick a thing that best portrays you. For example, you should search for the cecilio CEVN-3BL.To get best violin tuner reviews

This is a full size electric violin style. In the same way as other noiseless renditions, this melodic apparatus truly conveys great outcomes. It is made of the strong wood black, making it tough. Another remarkable element on this violin is its blue metallic wrap up. Without a doubt, the few individuals who have gone over this jewel are fortunate.

Product features analysis

  • Features a hand carved solid maple construction
  • Has an elegant blue metallic finish
  • Has an ebony fingerboard, ebony tailpiece decorated with mother of pearl inlay, four detachable fine tuners, chin rest and pegs
  • Has a pick up that uses a nine volts alkaline battery power
  • Features an onboard reverb

Cecilio violin advantages

If you are looking for an elegant, but inexpensive instrument, cecilio CEVN- 3BL is your best pick. Its blue metallic color is very attractive, as most of you who will check it at Amazon will find out. This is a trendy choice for those who care about fashion in every aspect of their lives. It is certainly different from many brownish and black items available. The strings are not bad for a violinist who is just starting.

They are easy to tune, and they produce a sweet sound. The violin comes with rosin for your bow, headphones, and a sturdy black case for carrying it. Since the price is fair, and the functionality is matchless, students could buy this violin. It is good for use during class sessions.  This style is not bad for experts too.  First, it is stylish, and beautiful to an extent that the violin can entice the crown on its own. Secondly, its accessories, with the ebony tailpiece and ebony fingerboard are durable.  The tailpiece in particular has a mother of pearl decor, making this violin one of its kinds.

You will as well love its pegs, a chine rest and four fine tuners. Some styles come with a single fine tuner, making it your responsibility to find the rest.  With this style, you do not have to spend extra money. This item will fulfill all your special requirements if you buy it. To find it, try a reputable online store such as Amazon. The price, quality and all other accessories are perfect.  This Cecilio violin is a good pick for whatever performance you will be having soon.

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Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-4W Review:


Some violins tend to be noticeable than others. These types are not only impressive because of their finish, but also their proficiency. The Cecilio violins are the best, and many people prefer buying. Most of the brand’s instruments are user-friendly. In other words, you can receive these violins, and start playing them in no time at all. This brand has an honorable name in connection with the production of musical instruments. Violins are the good proof of Cecilio’s unique craftsmanship. Therefore, if you want a high quality and an easy to tune the instrument, this brand’s versions are your right choice.

It sells different versions, and most of them are affordable. The instruments are good for students, hobbyists, and professionals. You have no chance of losing money by choosing Cecilio products. Since the products are all reliable, you might find it difficult to select. However, you should not worry because the Cecilio CEVN-4W is a wonderful violin for all. It has many useful features that make it stand out strongly.

The violin features include the following

• Solid maple construction that is hand curved
• Has an elegant white metallic finish
• This violin comes with an ebony fingerboard, ebony tailpiece adorned with mother of pearl, chin rest, four detachable tuners, and pegs.
• A pick up using a nine-volt alkaline battery’s power
• An onboard reverb

Why this is among the best Cecilio violins

The people who already have this style know that it should be worth much more than its current price. This Cecilio violin is beautiful, considering that it has a luxurious white metallic finish. In that case, the instrument can easily be conspicuous among the brownish and black violins. In addition, the audience is much more likely to pay attention to the violin’s tail finish. It features the most valuable mother of pearl decoration. This is a common characteristic with most Cecilio instruments, including the CEVN-3BL.

The other thing you should expect is the accessories that come with this unit. These include the rosin, pegs, headphones, four detachable tuners, and a chin rest. Above everything else, you will appreciate its maple construction, which is hand curved. This is one of the reasons why this violin is likely to last for a longer time. Since it goes for roughly one hundred and fifty dollars, this violin is inexpensive. It is ideal for low-income earners such as students. The instrument is good for hobbyists who do not need it to be very complex.

In addition, this violin is perfect for all professional violinists with low budget. It has all the features that you need to create a nice sound. If you must perform during an event somewhere, this musical tool can help you. Even if the event is an upscale one, people can hardly tell that its price is this low. As mentioned above, this is one of the most attractive Cecilio violins. It has a very contemporary design, and a matchless ebony craftsmanship. You can even offer this violin to someone as a gift.To read more best violin brands

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Yamaha SV-150 Silent Practice Violin Review


Students may practice their silent violin at any time of the day or night.

When buying a violin, students should consider the silent violin as an option to decrease obstacles that may hinder the student from practicing.

Since the 1920s, electrically amplified violins have been used by artists. From the 1930s to the 1950s, Electro Stringed Instrument Corporation, National Valco, Vega and Fender were the popular producers of the instrument.

Artist Stuff Smith was a popular violinist that performed with an amplified violin. Other famous electric violinists include Vanessa Mae, David Cross, David LaFlamme, Tracy Silverman, Boyd Tinsley and Jean-Luc Ponty. These artists crossed a variety of genres. Some even played in successful rock bands.

Today, electric violins may be used in numerous environments. Beginner violin students will find them especially useful for practicing.

The major problem with an electric violin for a beginner is the feedback received from the amplification unit integrated into the violin. The sound of this type of violin is sharper than a traditional acoustic instrument.

Some music genres appreciate and prefer the sound of an electric violin. When buying a violin, each purchaser should know the genre that he or she desires to appeal to before the purchase.

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Fender FV3 Deluxe Electric Violin Review


Piezoelectric pickups are less expensive and thus, more commonly found. These elements are commonly found on the body of the instrument, on or beneath the strings or bridge. They are typically in the shape of a cylinder or ceramic disc.

Piezo pickups require a high impedance input stage in the amplifier to handle the high output impedance. This feature will reduce feedback from a microphone or other devices.

An external signal processor may be used for preamplification. A silent violin may also have this feature built into the actual instrument.

Artists buying a violin for a rock band may consider a violin with MIDI system capabilities. This will allow the violinist to control synthesizers and provide more control over sound quality.

Other than the Zeta pickup, no other dedicated violin-to-MIDI systems have been designed. However, Roland and Yamaha instruments may be adapted to perform these capabilities. Most of these systems will only recognize and detect one pitch at a time. Therefore, the instruments are limited in some respects.

Before buying a violin, consider an electric violin. These instruments may be used to refine the student’s musical skills without causing a disturbance.

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Barcus Berry Acoustic-Electric Violin Review:


Many components impact a client’s purchasing choice for a thing like a violin. For the most part, clients need to know the advantages of purchasing the instrument. For a couple of them, a precarious cost is not an issue, as long as the quality is great. Different clients will consider the value more than the quality, and appearances. In the event that a violin offers clients great elements, unrivaled quality and value, they will consequently pick it. This is the situation with the Barcus Berry violin. Without an inquiry, violins, for example, this one are uncommon. This jewel has a delectable emerald wrap up. Set aside your opportunity to see violin pictures on the web.To learn more about violin lessons.

You will find that most instruments offer you a stunning dark colored or dark wrap up. This makes the Barcus Berry an exceptional string instrument. On the off chance that you utilize it for a phase execution, you can make certain that the crowd’ consideration will be yours generally. It is a standout amongst other electric violin that merit putting resources into. As a result of its extraordinary appearance, you can convey this instrument anyplace you like. It is an acoustic electric model as opposed to a chromatic violin. This trademark makes it totally emerge from other electric renditions.Read Cecilio CVN-500 review.

You will certainly love it, compared to any other electric version you have used before. Are you a fan of many styles of music, including hip-hop, jazz, country, R&B and so on? If you are, this Barcus Berry violin suits you. In fact, if your friends are the partying type, you can always carry this beautiful emerald jewel with you. The instrument will grab attention on its own. Even if you are not a turning expert, the audience will appreciate your stage performance. The most important thing is that this violin allows you to practice playing different music genres.Read best violin strings reviews.

As you draft the string arrays for music tracks, and movie underscores in the studio, the Barcus Berry could be your friend. It’s rare acoustic tenor certainly exceeds the demands of your training expert. In other words, this emerald instrument is special for a student. This versatile item is good for both professionals and trainees. Its size is perfect, not to mention the violin’s sturdy strings and adaptable bridge. Expect no issues with the quality of the sound it produces, or even the method of using it. This violin is user-friendly in all aspects, and it is far much better than most electric styles. If you want to buy it, try the shopping exercise online.Check Best student violin stentor buying guide reviews.

Be advised that either some websites do not offer you the right instrument, or they do not stock it. If you search the Amazon website, for example, you will find this charming Barcus Berry violin. The price is good for an average earner. Its quality is above reproof, and the finish is undeniably beautiful. This is why your search ends at this reputable web store. If you have an upcoming event, requiring you to perform on stage, this violin will help you. The music style you want to play, come that day is not a problem. As long you know how to tune it, this Barcus Berry is your best pick.

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When picking an electric violin, pay attention to 3 basic types:

First basic tips:

The solid electric violins come with a solid body made from Basswood. It is sculptured and could be created with an ebony fingerboard, chin rest as well as a maple neck. This kind of electric violin is available in four and five-string variants and possesses steel electric strings that could generate a vibrant sound.

Second basic tips:

The second version is the semi-hollow violin. It is much more lightweight since it has a hollowed wooden body. Furthermore, the body is incredibly cut. In most designs, it removes the plain parts that are meant to be on either side of strings. This violin is available in four or five-string types.Read more about best digital piano buying guide reviews.

Third basic tips:

Lastly, you can find fancy electric violins. The entire body of this product is made from polymer and acrylic, which provides it the glass-like appearance. The chin rest, fingerboard as well as tail-piece are all made from acrylic.

Closing words :

When selecting any electric violins, your desired use and budget will impact your buying decision. Moreover, it’s advisable to choose a violin that comes with a transducer bridge to avoid feedback noise so that you could generate a more natural sound.Read more how to tune a violin.

Factors To Consider When In Market Shopping For Electric Violins

Over the last few centuries, the music industry has improved greatly with more and better instruments being put into use. One of the best musical instruments that have recently been released to the market is the electric violin. This musical equipment is designed able to electrically produce sound through the use of pickups just like electric guitars. Ever since their release, electric violins have been in a great demand something that has led to the increase in the number of people who make them. Depending on the manufacturer, different violins vary in effectiveness, durability, capability, and quality. For this reason, when shopping, people need to know various things in order to be able to pick the best option.To learn more click here about best piano buying guide reviews.

Violin Quality:

Quality is the first most crucial factor anyone shopping for electric violin needs to consider. The right electric violin is the one that is strongly and proficiently designed starting from the cables, bow, body, amp to all other accessories. This is because the more superior and effective the violin is, the better the playability.Check how to care for a violin.

Electric violin Sizes:

Size is the next most important factor to look for when buying the electric violin. Electronic violins like other electric musical equipment come in a variety of sizes and heights. Depending on size, different electronic violins can be played comfortably and fittingly by people of different ages and heights. Thus, when buying you need to know the height and age of the person who will be playing the violin.Get the best mandolin brands reviews.

Best Electric violin Brands:

The last factor to be considered when buying electronic violins is the brand reputation. Electronic violins come in a wide range of brands that vary in reputation and quality. When searching, you will find some brands that are more reputable than others. It is important to make sure you research each violin brand to know how it is rated before you make the decision buy it.Read more about best saxophone reviews.

If you want to advance in your playing using your electric instrument, inquire in violin schools that offer advanced violin classes which include lessons on Electric Violins.

The History of Electric Violins

The electric violin can be defined as a musical instrument with an electric sound output that improves the quality of music. Technology has made the violin better and advanced through the electric violin. It is an electrified music instrument with a solid-body. In the past five years carbon fibers, Kevlar, and glass have been used to make it light..Learn more about best flute brands buying guide reviews.

The electric violin has been around for so long. It was first introduced in the 1920’s when many Jazz bands wanted to make the instrument more powerful. The roots of the electric violin can be traced back to early telephone technology and mechanically amplified violin inventions. The electrically amplified violin has been in use many form since its inception. Stuff Smith, one of the greatest jazz artist was the first performer to incorporate amplifiers to violins.To read more best violin bow reviews

From the 1930s ,a good number of well known manufacturers of music instruments have tried to produce electric violins.The most notable company that managed to sell electric violins is Electro Stringed Instrument Corporation in 1930s to 1940s . National and Vega is the other company that was successful in selling them. In 1950s, a company called Fender managed to manufacture these violins in a small number. There have been great inventions and advancements since 1990s with many manufacturers experiencing more commercial success. Also a large scale production has taken place since the 90s revealing a growing interest in them.

The solid-body has a minimalistic design which is different from the traditional violins. This variation from the standard design is purposely to make it light. The electric violin has increased the sophistication of amplification and effect pedals. With these inventions, the electric violin has gained its own personality and re-identified itself to the new generation. Many people worry that it has changed the concept of the actual violin because it is electric. But on the other hand, musicians and various artists still associate the electric violin with classical music, hence it has not changed the actual concept.Check our  how to play violin guide.

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How is made Excellent Electric Violins

The invention of the electric violin was all about turning up the volume. It was back in the big band era and the sound of the traditional violin was overpowered by the horns and drums. Amplifying the violin changed everything. Suddenly it wasn’t just background sound, it was part of the show

The electric violin comes in different shapes because it doesn’t rely on the body to resonate sound. This Craftsman built as electric violins one piece at a time, starting with a neck it traces the shape onto a piece of paper. Then he outlines the top plate, he uses walnut for the low bottom part as well as for the backbone of the violin. Next, he cuts it into shapes using a bandsaw. The goal here is to be very precise. The dimensions for the top and neck are exactly the same as a traditional violin. So there won’t be any difference in the reference points. The violinist relies on dodge. The head is more streamlined than a traditional Highland. There’s no decorative scroll.

Next is a cavity in the head of the violin to create the pen box. Then there are added parallel grooves onto the back to give a snazzy look. He saves the wood to the correct thickness. Then he drills holes for the tuning pegs into the side of the paint box, one for each of the four strings. Then he scrapes the rest of the neck to give it a final finish using a reamer He brushes wood glue on to the next section and presses the finger board onto its knee wraps in a surgical tubing to hold them together, while the glue dries details to assembly holes in the top piece. It is time to hook up the violin to the amplifier and let the music tell the rest of the story.

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