Best Student Trumpets

Best Student Trumpets

Out of all the trumpets on the market, student trumpets make up an important part of the selection. They are necessary for new players to learn basic skills.

Student trumpets are necessary for amateur players. They are a step below intermediate trumpets, and they allow new players to get started with adjusting to and learning about the instrument.

The benefit of this class is the fact that most beginner trumpets are very low in cost, so the money spent won’t be too much of a burden should the student suddenly lose interest. Many brands make trumpets for beginners, but some produce models of exceptional quality even for their class.

Even though these trumpets are limited in features and low in cost, it’s important to search for those that provide high quality components and playability.

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Top 5 Best Student Trumpets Reviews

Etude ETR-100 Series

etude etr-100 series
The ETR-100 is as durable as some of the most advanced trumpets due to the fact that it is built from quality materials. New and young trumpet players may not be as responsible in keeping up with and cleaning their instruments, and the ETR-100 was built with this in mind. The trumpet’s body can resist corrosion even when it is not cleaned for long periods on end.

Its build is also meant to facilitate play by younger players with small hands, and this is very important for being able to easily develop skills. It has a first-valve thumb saddle with an adjustable third-valve finger ring.

Its large bore is helpful for new players as it helps them form notes accurately and easily, and its lead pipe makes projection nearly effortless. The ETR-100 comes with a hards hell case to protect it when being stored of transported.

Allora AATR-101

allora aatr-101 trumpet
The AATR-101 is an affordable model that is easy to play and has many characteristics normally found on more expensive trumpet models. It is ideal for beginners because it also makes learning much easier. This model plays well as soon as it is taken out of the box, and it creates a clear and bright sound throughout its range. It features a large bore that makes playing simpler, and it has a lead pipe made of red brass that offers a stable and warm tone.

The AATR-101 features a first-valve thumb saddle in addition to a third-valve finger ring to offer a better grip for new trumpeters. Its Monel valves offer great resistance to corrosion, and its red brass features make it a beautiful trumpet just by looking at it. This model comes included with a 7C mouthpiece and molded protective case. It is available in a rose, brass, nickel or silver finish.

Getzen 390 Series

getzen 390 series
Getzen models are some of the best student trumpets money can buy, and those in the 300 Series are known as being incredible trumpets for new players. They are more costly than many other beginner models, but they provide the performance to back up their price tags.

Models in the Getzen 300 Series are far better in terms of quality compared to most of the trumpets considered by many to be student models. These go above and beyond the needs of the new player, but they should still be thought of as less advanced when compared to trumpets at the professional level.

The 390 model in particular is easy to learn with, durable and responsive. The free-blowing trumpet has fluid valves and great gripping control. It has seamless hand-spun bells with its slide tubing, pistons and mouth pipe made of nickel silver that resists corrosion.

LJ Hutchen Bb Trumpet

lj hutchen bb trumpetLJ Hutchen instruments are crafted from the best materials before being put through extensive testing to make sure only the best quality trumpets are made for sale. Their trumpets allow developing musicians to enhance their skill without having to undergo the frustrations that come along with poorly-designed trumpets.

The Bb student trumpet from LJ Hutchen is a top selling trumpet. It has the bell and bore size of professional instruments, and this allows for amazing sound, resonance and intonation. Its braced tuning slide maintains alignment while its stainless steel valves help prevent corrosion and allow consistent play. Its valves offer smooth action with exceptional tone that is particularly beneficial to beginner players.

The Bb student trumpet has a rose brass lead pipe and bell that enhances its clear tone. It has a clear lacquer finish and comes with valve oil and a plush-lined hard shell case.

Yamaha YTR-2335

yamaha ytr 2335The YTR-2335 is considered by some to be the best beginner trumpet as it offers many features found only on professional models. It is well-known for its exceptional sound quality and consistency, and its quality competes with those of the advanced trumpets. This trumpet produces a bright sound that maintains its tone throughout its range while still being easy to blow.

Its incredible sound quality can be attributed to its bell and bore size. The durable instrument also has free flowing valves that stay smooth even when not maintained by the owner. The YTR-2335 has a first-valve sliding thumb hook that provides better intonation and pressure-formed round tubing that creates better air flow by decreasing turbulence.

The trumpet is crafted to prevent air leakage, and the seamless bell facilitates even vibrations. As the best student trumpet from a well-known instrument manufacturer, this trumpet never fails to impress even experienced players.

How are Student Trumpets Different?

Student trumpets are one of three classes or types of trumpets when divided by skill level. Beginner trumpets have distinct characteristics that set them apart from other more advanced types. Student models are made to take care of the most basic needs of new or young trumpeters.

They are generally easy to control and built to be quite durable due the fact that many players using beginner trumpets are still young, and they often have their instruments in situations that may lead to falls and bumps.
Beginners should use standard B flat trumpets, and they can upgrade to other specific keys as they increase their skill. Student trumpets can only accommodate the player for so long before they need to upgrade to intermediate or professional models.

Student trumpets are often mass-produced and created by machine (although some brands offer hand-crafted beginner models), and this means the manufacturing process is less precise in order to reduce productions costs. The benefit of this process and of student trumpet models is the fact that this reduces the price of each model as well.
In contrast, professional level trumpets are made in smaller quantities. They tend to have specialized components with many of them crafted or fused by hand.

What should you look for in a Trumpet for a Student?

When it comes time to find the right trumpet, whether it is your child who wants to play in band or an adult who wants to try a new musical instrument, there are a few different factors you should look for in order to make sure you find the right one. You might be thinking that all trumpets are the same but as with almost every instrument within the marketplace, there are different grades and levels with trumpets. Listed below are some of the most important factors when finding the right trumpet for your new student.

Renting vs. Purchasing

The first and most important decision you can make when it comes to finding a trumpet for your student is whether or not you should purchase a trumpet, or rent it. There are advantages to both.

Renting – this is the most common path which is chosen, because more times than not you don’t know if your student will actually enjoy playing the trumpet. By renting it, typically for a 1-year arrangement, you give your student a chance to try out the trumpet and see if they enjoy playing it or not. If they do not, then you did not waste the money of purchasing one. Most rental trumpets are student level; but, that means you will still need to plan on purchasing one in the near future if your student decides to stay with the trumpet. A rental is a great solution for the beginning, but not a great solution for the long-term, as it is around $20 a month to rent a trumpet.

Purchasing – Unless you are 100% confident your student will play the trumpet for the long-term, this is not a good solution for obtaining a trumpet for the first time. A Student level trumpet, on average, will cost you around $700-$800. To purchase one that is at the intermediate level, the cost jumps up 50%, and will average between the prices of $1,050-$1,200. When compared to a rental for the first year, there is no comparison from a price standpoint. However, the advantages include being able to customize it to your needs, and you can also typically turn it in for credit towards the next level of trumpet when you need it. Although there are some rental places who put your rental towards the purchase of a new trumpet, that is not always the case.

Components of a Good Trumpet

Perhaps you did not play any instruments in school, or even if you did, you might not have played the trumpet. So, when you are going to look for a new student level trumpet, what should you be looking for?

Here is the main thing you should be aware of – all trumpets should be played by someone who knows how to play the trumpet before you agree to rent or purchase. If the store or person you are dealing with will not allow you to take the trumpet out for someone to test, even with a deposit, than you should be very wary of this and not trust the instrument. There are many different components which go into making the trumpet sound good, and even if one of those is off, than the trumpet will not perform at its highest level.

Someone who plays the trumpet should look out for certain aspects, which include how does the C note sound when played? There are certain notes which should be easy to play, and they will be able to tell that pretty easily. Even those who don’t know much about music can tell when certain notes don’t sound right; a person who has played the trumpet will be able to tell if certain notes or slightly flat or sharp. Overall, the notes should be very fluid and dynamic and be able to be played without disproportionate effort.

Observe how it is Mechanically put together

You might not posses the ability to get the instrument tested out by someone who plays the trumpet, and you might not know what a C note should sound like. Do not despair, you can still check the trumpet out and see if it is in good shape.

Here are some aspects you should check out with every trumpet.

The first thing you should check out is the valves, and the area around them. Are there any marks which look like dents? Are there any rips in the valves? How secure are the valves? If they move at all, or have any dents or rips in them, then you need to have that fixed before you take it.

Other things to look for include making sure that all the slides close completely. In addition to this, there should be two different rings or triggers to help adjust the tuning of the trumpet. Your student needs to be able to move these easily and efficiently. There also needs to be something which will stop the third ring from sliding out, which is usually some sort of a rubber stopper.

Also, your student will need to test out the mouthpiece, and ensure it is a good fit. There are different sizes of mouthpieces available, and so you need to ensure you have one that fits properly with your student’s mouth. This is a piece which is very easy to exchange out, so make sure you do so.


As you can see, there are plenty of different aspects to the trumpet you need to be on the lookout for when you get the first one for your student. These ideas are true for both trumpets you rent or purchase, so no matter which path you choose, you need to ensure you have the right trumpet for your student. Taking the time to make sure all aspects of the trumpet are in working order is vital towards the success your student with the trumpet. Good luck on finding the right trumpet for your student, and hopefully it will lead them to enjoy this instrument for the rest of their lives!

The Importance of Picking the Best Trumpet for your First Time Player

There are many different parts which make-up the trumpet, all of which aid towards the sweet sound you hear when it is played.

Mouthpiece – This is the piece which is most adjustable and is also one that can vary in size. When your first time player needs a trumpet, the mouthpiece is one where you need to spend a few minutes to ensure that it fits within their mouth properly. If it does not fit properly, then the trumpet will not have the proper airflow needed to make the desired notes.

The mouthpiece can be made out of a few different materials, including yellow brass, reversed lead pipe and red brass. For a first timer, the red brass is preferred because it requires less maintenance while also corrodes less due to excessive saliva. The other two are more susceptible to corrosion, and also require higher amounts of maintenance.

Mouth pipe – this is the pipe which leads directly from the mouthpiece to the rest of the trumpet. The three materials for the mouth pipe are exactly the same as the mouthpiece, and similar to the mouthpiece, you will want to go with the red brass material.

Valves – There are three main materials which valves are typically made out of, which will give you different amounts of pressure and will give your trumpet a different sound. Within most student trumpets, you will find valves made out of a nickel-plated material. This is desirable for first time players because the material will last for a long time, even if it is not cleaned that often. Nickel is also very durable, so in case the trumpet is every dropped or left out of the case and something falls on it, it should have a decent chance of staying intact.

The other material which is mostly used by those who have intermediate or higher trumpets is a Monel material. This material is a little bit less lightweight, and is smoother to play, which is good for those who know exactly what pressure is needed to make any particular note.

The last material which is used for the valves is a Stainless steel. Just be aware that both the Monel and Stainless Steel material needs a higher amount of maintenance in order to keep the same level of play during the course of its lifetime.

Bell – There are two different factors to consider with the bell, which is both the material it is made out of as well as how they are made.

Concerning materials, the different types include Yellow Brass, Rose Brass and Sliver. Yellow brass is the material found within most student trumpets, as it is the most inexpensive yet durable product. A Red brass material will allow your trumpet to have a lower and warmer tone to the notes. Silver material is only normally found in higher end trumpets, as it is higher quality, but also is less durable and needs a higher amount of maintenance.

Shifting over to how the Bell is made, the best kind of Bell is one which is made out of one piece. The one piece system allows the sound to move fluidly throughout the trumpet with no interference. Most student or first time trumpeters will have a trumpet which is made out of two different pieces which are typically welded together. Although you will still get a good sound out of this, the vibration is not as uniform as a one-piece system, which will cause the sound to be different.

Finish of the Trumpet – Lastly, how the trumpet looks does not truly affect the sound or performance, but will go a long way in determining how long the trumpet will last. There are many different looks that a trumpet can have, and the most common ones are a brass surface or a clear lacquer finish. There is also a silver plate finish available, which actually does vibrate a little bit more compared to other materials, and is found on higher end trumpets.

Types of Trumpets

This is more for you to know than anything else, so we won’t spend a lot of time looking at these. The most common type of trumpet is the BB trumpet. This model of trumpet is available for all three types of trumpets (student, intermediate and professional). There is also a BB trumpet available for marching band, so you can easily transition over to this model if your trumpet player joins a marching band down the road.

The other kinds of trumpets available include a C trumpet, Bass Trumpet, a Piccolo Trumpet, an E Trumpet, along with a few others. These other trumpets are more specialty trumpets, and should only be looked at once the BB trumpet has been mastered.

When you are looking to get your student their first trumpet, there are a variety of different aspects to look at. There is nothing wrong with going with the most basic level of all the features, and then start building your trumpet up from there. This is especially true if you buy, rather than rent, as all the components of the trumpet can be exchanged out with ease by a professional. Congrats on taking the next step on finding the right trumpet for your first time player and we hope this is a decision that leads to a lifetime of fulfillment.

Decision Time

A trumpet should never be picked based on price, appearance or brand alone. Finding the right beginner trumpet requires taking multiple factors into consideration, and choosing the best student trumpet will make dedication to playing much more likely down the line and enhance skill development.

While they may not always be made to the highest standards, student trumpets have a place and purpose just like the other classes. When still at the beginner level, there are less options available for personal expression.
Luckily, there are still many quality brands from which you may choose, and many amateur trumpets can still suit individual players’ circumstances even though they are entry-level instruments. Even if a particular model suits one player, that does not ensure that it will be the best choice for other students as well.

Student trumpets work well in the beginning, but they will eventually hinder the student’s ability to grow as a player. If the student wants to progress to higher levels, ensure there is certain commitment to playing the trumpet. Otherwise, the investments of money, time and looking for the right advanced model will be made in vain.



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