Best Student Violin Reviews

Best Student Violin Reviews

Without a doubt, Stentor violin  is the most widely recognized best Student Violin, used Worldwide as the optimum teaching violin. As it seems to strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality.

And no matter what your budget, Stentor Violins will have a model to suit your needs. They cater for both the very young and experienced adults alike.

They manufacture every possible size and models always come set up to ready play right out of the case. And at the end of the day, you want something that will stand up to a daily workout without you worrying about a big replacement cost if you damage it.

All in all, if you go with a Stentor it will probably be the best all round choice.To read more about stentor violin brand reputation.

Top 5 Stentor Violins For Student:

Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin STENTOR 4/4 Check price
Stentor 1550 4/4 Violin STENTOR 4/4 Check price
Stentor 1401BK-4/4 Harlequin Series Black Violin Outfit STENTOR 4/4 Check price
Stentor 1500 1/2 Violin STENTOR 1/2 Check price
Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin STENTOR 4/4 Check price

Best Stentor Violin Reviews for Student:

Stentor 1401BK-4/4 Harlequin Series Black Violin Outfit:


Ideally suited to the novice on a budget. The Stentor Violin Standard Kit includes the essential items: Violin, Case, and Bow.The Stentor Violin Student Standard outfits are really produced to satisfy the need for the entry level violinist where the economy is the main criteria.

It features black finished hardwood pegs and fingerboard, and alloy tailpiece with four adjusters. The outfit includes a standard lightweight case and wood bow.There you will get available colors combination.

Check Out More 3 Colors:

Best Standard Stentor Violin Review

Being the entry level Stentor Student Violin, it’s the ideal instrument suitable really for Intermediate Grades (Grades 1-3), which is really the student with 1-3 years experience.

Excellent Features:

They are carved from solid tonewoods (tonewood is a generic term used to describe types of wood used in instrument manufacture) with good quality rosewood pegs and fingerboard and alloy tailpiece with four integral adjusters. The outfit includes a reliable student wood bow and handy light-weight case with accent pockets and carrying straps.

The look and feel of the instrument for the price are very good. The color and lacquer coat on the tonewoods is really vibrant, this is typical across the Stentor Violin range.Check out latest price.

The main noticeable difference between the big brother; the Student I, Student II and Conservatoire, are the quality of materials. When the Stentor Student 1 uses a higher quality maple and spruce as opposed to non-specific tonewoods & hardwood on the Standard.

The lightweight case is very good and offers a good degree of protection with retaining velcro strap and felt lining. The bow is their standard wood and horsehair bow. Which is ok to start, but you may eventually upgrade to a fiberglass or carbon bow as it’s not uncommon for the cheap bows to warp.

Important Notice:

One notable upgrade you can do to greatly improve the sound is by replacing the strings. This is very common within best Student Violin manufacturers, so as to keep their pricing strategy competitive. Most people (including myself) have gone for the Dominant brand, which seems to be the most recommended. Although not the cheapest strings they will make a significant difference to the final quality of the sound produced. But it’s really not essential until you are able to do something basic within the early grades 1+.


All in all its really good value for money if you are on a tight budget. However my only consideration would be longevity on this model as if you turn out to be a young Paganini you will probably grow out of this within 12 – 24 months.-

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Stentor Violin – 1400 1/64 Violin:


Stentor Student 1 Review:

The Stentor Violin Student 1, is an upgraded version of the Stentor Violin Standard model. Ideally suited to again to the novice whose budget can stretch to a little further.

The Stentor Violin Student I Kit includes the same essential items as the standard: Violin, Case, and Bow.

The Stentor Violin Student 1 Violin Outfits are really produced to satisfy the need still for the entry level violinist (Grades 1-3) but for a student looking for a more a little more refinement in the final sound and feel.

The main features that set this apart from the Stentor Standard model are mainly the woods are of a superior quality. Where the Stentor Student 1 body uses a rosewood as opposed to just general tonewoods on the Stentor Standard. The Brazillian tonewood being a more sought after material that produces a richer sound from the violin.Check now violin accessories reviews.

Maple is also used on the neck and body on the Stentor Student 1, as opposed to again a general hardwood on the Stentor Standard. Maple is a preferred choice in the construction of many string instruments.To get more click here about best violin tuner reviews

The hardware difference on the Stentor Student V’s Stentor Standard include:

  • Adjustable nylon tailgut.
  • Teka pattern wood chin rest.

The case on the Stentor Standard 1 is very similar to the Stentor Standard, with 2 bow holders 2 zip compartments and a compartment for the rosin. The main difference is Stentor Standard is Green whereas the Stentor Student is Black/ purple.

Summary of the Stentor Standard Kit

The Stentor Student 1 kit:

All in all it’s a good piece of kit, most stores retailing this from $$$, I’d still recommend upgrading the standard strings that come with the violin as they will immediately add a richer sound. Probably id goes for the dominant again (like I did with my Stentor 1 and Stentor 2) but you don’t necessarily have to do this. But you will end up doing so in the future, as mentioned this is very common across all Violin manufacturers to keep themselves competitive.

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Stentor 1500 4/4 Violin Outfit:


Stentor Student  – 2 Review:

The Stentor Student 2 is yet again an upgraded version of its little brother the Student 1.

Priced very competitively, this is probably the most common best Student Violin as its seen as a more refined instrument from the Student 1, and it’s only around $$$ more expensive.

The kits are the same as the Stentor Student 1: Violin, Bow, and Case.

The main upgrades on this model are the quality of the selected rosewoods. These again are all hand carved like the previous models. However, are selected from higher a quality stock of tonewood. Thus enriching the quality of feel and sound above the Student 1. It has the same carved maple back, neck and ribs as the Stentor Standard 1.

This model has an upgraded ebony fingerboard, which has a better feel in the hand. And feels a bit more solid than the rosewood fingerboard on the Student 1.

The lightweight case has a soft velvet lining, music pocket, shoulder rest pocket and internal rosin compartment. The case on the Student 2 comes in Red/ Black.

The accessories & hardware are the same as the Stentor Student 1 model.

Summary of the Stentor Standard Kit

The Stentor Student 2 kit:

Yes, it’s a good piece of kit, the difference in sound compared to the Student 1 is not immediately noticeable, yes the ebony fretboard feels a little smoother. But I don’t think there this has any effect on the sound. The main justification in the little extra spend comes from the slightly better quality woods used in the finish. Buts it’s probably worth the little extra.

Again, you should go for the string upgrade, it will make a noticeable difference to the final sound of the instrument.

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Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin Review:


It goes without saying that the violin is capable of producing some of the most beautiful classic sounds when used correctly, but most people do not think more about the instrument past this fact. However, those who play the violin often take care to make sure that the vessel they use to create these sounds is also beautifully crafted, which is something that you can be assured of, if you purchase a Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin, given the fact it is a fine example of workmanship utilizing fine spruce and maple wood.

At first glance the Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin may not appear to be more than just a dark glossy stained instrument, however, a careful look will reveal just why the violin looks so exquisite. Every inch of the musical instrument is carefully created to invoke the beauty that it produces when played. Composed of maple sides and back and topped with fine solid spruce, the ebony fittings help protect the area around the strings and the hardwood chin provides a fine place to rest the violin while also adding a nice accent to the overall design of the piece.

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Produce the Excellent Sound:

Complimented nicely with the use of red label strings that are sensitive and capable of producing excellent sounds and an alloy tailpiece that comes with four separate adjusters so that you can finely tune each of the four strings, the Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin is capable of producing sounds to match its appearance. Add in the polished brown lacquer and the nylon tailpiece loop and you have a complete violin that will take away anyone’s breath both from appearance and sound.

Comes with great accessories:

As is standard with most high quality violins, when you order the Stentor 1542 4/4 Violin you will also receive a wood horsehair bow that is loaded with ebony frog, an exterior shoulder rest pocket, and a canvas case that has an instrument blanket you can set inside of it so that protecting your investment is always an easy task while you are out on the go.

Outfit Review:

An excellent outfit with a strong, good quality bow and a stylish oblong case.the violin is hand carved from solid tonewoods and features an attractive shaded satin finish. it has an ebony fingerboard and pegs and is fitted with synthetic gut strings

Features at a glance:

  • An excellent outfit with a strong, good quality bow and a stylish oblong case.
  • The violin is hand carved from solid tonewoods and features an attractive shaded satin finish.
  • It has an ebony fingerboard and pegs and is fitted with synthetic gut strings

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Stentor build this all their Student Violins to suit all ages and sizes

(4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16,1/32,1/64) Stentor Standard Violin Sizes.

About the Manufacturer: https: Stentor Violins sell more violins worldwide than any other manufacturer, the have an excellent reputation for student violins amongst music teachers for both quality and prices. And are the trusted instrument within schools and colleges.To learn more about how to play piano.

Their violin range spans from very basic models for complete beginners through to the professional musician, such as the Stentor Elysisa. Violin.To learn more click here about best electric violin reviews.

They are manufactured in their well established factory in China, and occasionally being fitted in the UK.

Specifications – Stentor Standard:


Cut from strong tonewoods Black hardwood fingerboard Black hardwood pegs Alloy rear end with necessary agents Traditional trimmed purfling Wood bow with regular horsehair and midnight from Attractive lightweight case with green integral cover and conveying straps.After reading all tasks to get more click here about how to play violin reviews.

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How to Set Up best Student Violin Correctly

Merano 4/4 Full Size Student Violin

  • Spruce top. Maple back
  • neck and sides.^Hardwood pegs
  • fingerboard and chinrest.Alloy tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners Wood frog
  • wood stick bow with genuine horsehair^Lightweight case with adjustable shoulder strap^Free: Extra Set of String
  • Extra Bridge
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Rosin
  • Metro Tuner
  • Music Stand
  • Mute

This violin is ideal for the novice violinist. It features maple wood back and sides. A genuine horse hair wood bow, rosin and carrying case are included. Accessory colors/style could differ.

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