Best Violin Bow Buying Guide Reviews

If you are familiar with the musical instrument the violin, then you probably know what the best violin bow is. The violin bow is a device that is used to make music out of the violin. If you have seen a violin player perform live or on television, then you will easily recognize this bow right away. It is the stick-like device that the violin player strikes across the violin strings to produce sound.

What Is Violin Bow?

For the most part, the violin bow is actually a stick-or at least a part of it is. This part is usually made of wood and is considered the backbone of the whole device. From one end of this stick to the next, a semi-elastic material is stretched. If you are planning to buy your first bow or to replace the one you already have, then it’s best to consult a violin bow price guide beforehand to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

What type of violin bow is the best?

When consulting a violin bow price guide, make sure that you get to know all the types of Violin Bows there are. If you are a beginner or you consider yourself a step up from an amateur, then the best type for you would be hardwood violin bow. They are made from brazilwood-lending them high stability. They can also be bought from your nearest musical store at an affordable price.

Which violin bow is the best for advanced students ?

Another inexpensive choice is the fiber glass violin bow. Like hardwood, they are also resilient and available in most stores. If you are on the advanced level and you feel like violin playing is your calling in life, then a Pernambuco violin bow is a choice that you should consider. Although valuable, the Pernambuco is elastic, more responsive and produces a richer sound.

Other factors to consider

Aside from checking the violin bow price guide, it’s also important to consider the weight of the bow. Violin Bows that weigh about 64 grams are best.


Best Violin Bows:

It is not sufficient that you like music played on the violin. You should able to select a perfect violin along with violin bow if you have to practice well. There are several types of violin bows available in the market. The several bows that are made available are mainly for the ease of learning that a beginner would look for. Also when the professional is offered with best violin bow that really looks classy in hand along with playing well then the professional will be impressed. One way of getting a teacher for teaching you violin is to impress a professional with excellent violin bows that are available in the market like Pernambuco violin bow or carbon fiber violin bows.

While many professionals prefer modern and classy bows some professional who give great importance to the architecture of the music would still love to use antique violin bows. Thus a great way of touching a professional heart especially if he is your teacher is to buy them antique violin bows which work simply perfect on any type of violin. You can try to find out the taste of your teacher and then select the violin bow instead of buying one which he/she does not like. A perfectly working with a good response would make a lot of difference in sound that is produced from your violin.

Apart from gifting a bow to your teacher you can always have one with you as you have to practice well with all the tones that your teacher teaches you. Simple violin bows would really pave a different path of learning for you when compared to the rest of music learners. The main thing you should keep in mind when you buy a violin bow is to maintain it well so that it is not damaged. There are several points one should remember when we talk about violin bow maintenance.Check out the best wah wah pedal reviews.

The main step you should do is to loosen the bow hair when you are not using your violin bows for playing or you are just done with the practice. How to loosen and tighten would be new to the beginner. Just turning bow screw in counter clockwise direction would loosen the bow hair while turning it again in clockwise would make it ready for playing it on violin. Loosening would make the bow stick relax back perfectly in the original arch. When violin bows are left in the tightened position even after you are done with your practicing the stick will lose its camber and will get spoiled easily.

Also when do not loosen the hair it will stretch out too much. When the violin bows hair stretches out heavily you will find difficulty in tightening the bow at a later stage. This will eventually make the violin unfit for the learning as well playing process. Also, tighten the violin bows to the extent it can bear without breaking. When you force the bow to attain more tightness, the butt end of the bow will break. When you find difficulty with tightening process better take the bow to the repair shop and get the issue fixed.

Best Violin Bow Brands

Pernambuco Violin Bow

When you have set the environment ready to learn violin then you should think of the equipment you need for start with learning violin like the Pernambuco violin bow. Setting the environment ready could be like either selecting the teacher who would come home to teach you or the teaching center where you will go to attend the classes or the convenient online violin classes. Once you have set the mode of training you should select the Pernambuco violin bow which will give you good results while playing sounds with the violin. The moment you take the name Pernambuco in a music store the merchant will be ready with the different Pernambuco violin bows that are available with him.To read more click here about crescent 4/4 violin review.

Made By Brazilian rain forest pernambuco

This is because from centuries they would have been selling the violin bows that are made from the trees called Pernambuco. These Pernambuco trees are very famous and grow only in one region, coastal region of Brazilian rain forest. Why the Pernambuco violins are bows so popular. The properties that the Pernambuco trees have to make them perfectly ideal material for preparing the violin bows which are the life for the violins. The most concentrated feature of Pernambuco is the unique combination of flexibility and strength that is rarely found in any other trees. The density of these trees makes them equally comparable with ebony trees and wood, ebony being the hardest woods across the world.

What are violin bows made of

Feature of  Manufacturers

The flexibility that this wood has will allow the well shaped and great precision included Pernambuco violin bow without any splits and cracks which the customers would mainly concentrate on. Splits and cracks are quite important issues that a customer should check if they have to continue with their practice for longer durations and for a longer time. Imagine the how much strength this Pernambuco violin bow will have as they will be used for centuries for playing.

They withstand long years of practice, also as the ancestors have a lot of attention for the musical equipment you would have listened from them that they have used only one Pernambuco violin bow in their whole life time which would be very good. Though the manufacturers today are using the same material still the machine made bows would not give that energy and strength. But still, among the other bows, these Pernambuco violin bows are well known for their strength and long lasting nature which you can prefer as your learning bow from today.

How much is a violin bow?

Feature of Price

But the cost of this Pernambuco violin bow would be slightly higher when compared to the other bows available in the market as the availability of Pernambuco itself is reduced with the increased difficulty to obtain the wood from these trees. As the decisions are going towards “go green” slogans you rarely would find the Pernambuco violin bow in the market. Though you find you might have to spend a little higher.  With the increased strength that you get with them, it is advisable to purchase one immediately if you can get it for a better deal either in the music store or online and keep it for future use.To read more click here about best student violin reviews


Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Numerous violin brands in the shop will confuse you in the selection process. Also the number of models available in violin bows also would lead to the same situation of confusion in which bow to select. Many would suggest carbon fiber violin bow is perfect for all types of customers like the beginner segments where the kids and adults both come into, teachers who have crossed the learning process, professionals who entered into the masters with experimenting and inventing new tones with using the same instruments. Most of the professionals have learned with the carbon fiber violin bow and the violin which they still preserve to date and practice on them for new tones.Take the top mandolin brands reviews.

Carbon Fiber Violin Bow Comparison

Made by carbon fiber

Also with the go green slogan that is followed by many manufacturers, you will rarely find any wooden violin bows. Hence you should select the next best in class violin bow material which is the carbon fiber. Why are carbon fiber violin bows so famous? Have you ever thought about this logical reasoning about the market for these bows? The main reason for demand in sales is because of the craftsmanship along with the rocket science that is involved in making this carbon fiber violin bow.To read more click here about best kids violin reviews.

Understanding what is contained in the carbon fiber would give you an idea of why the bows are made of this material. Carbon fiber is made of two components: reinforcement fiber along with matrix or resin. When combined in this way would give the mechanical properties of both carbon and fiber and will meet the expectations of the music lovers. You may not get the strong carbon fiber violin bow when you use separate ingredients that using the composition. When you take the class of non-wood bows the preference would be for carbon fiber violin bow along with glass fiber bows.

Carbon fiber violin bow for sale

For Why buy this?

Then to stop here we would also have an insight into how these carbon fiber violin bows are made. Making process of these bows is termed as graphite and the bows are also referred to as graphite fiber. These carbon fiber violin bows you made from high-quality grades of carbon and are made out of more precise standards and perfect designs that are given by the manufacturers. The fiber used in the process of making this carbon fiber violin bow is “pan fiber” which has the properties of thermally stable and chemically resistant.To read more click here about Cecilio CVN 500 review..

Feature of  Manufacturers

While the fiber is heated and stretched well in oxygen lacking oven environment that is rich in nitrogen, the thread of carbon base is run on the sophisticated oven thus making the perfect blend material for making the carbon fiber violin bow.  While carbon stretches out and form into extraneous atoms that burn off to provide new carbon that is perfectly fit for use in making the carbon fiber violin bows you should also decide on the recipe to be used in the process of the resin that would act as the glue holding the carbon and fiber together. Thus the sophisticated manufacturing process will give you long life carbon fiber violin bow for practice.To read more click here about best electric violin reviews..


Antique Violin Bow

Finding an antique violin bow is one major task as it is very rare you can find the antique violin bows in the market. After purchasing one for your learning process having the piercing interest for music you should able to protect it till the interest for music ends in your heart which can never happen until your life ends. Which means you should find an antique violin bow which works well throughout your life. While getting one such excellent bow might be quite easy maintaining and protecting it would be a major task and hence you should be very careful in maintaining them.

Before,After you should Mind that.

If you want to use your antique violin bow you should be able to keep them clean all the time. As the violin bow is highly delicate extra care should be taken when cleaning the bows. Though your kids are using them for learning process the cleaning process should be done by elders after going through some information guide that is available online that directs on how to clean an antique violin bow. Only adults will handle the delicate things with care while ensuring perfect cleaning of the object. If the instruments are used by adults than the antique violin bow cleaning task becomes easy as they would be aware of the delicate minute parts within the delicate instruments.To read more click here about cecilio cvn 200 review.

After You should do it

The slightly important thing that can be done is to wipe the antique violin bow after daily use. This simple task will help to prevent the resin and dust from forming layers on your antique violin bow. When the resin and dirt are formed none can guess the situation of your bow as they will damage the strings of the violin completely not leaving it fit for the repair work. You might have to replace the entire strings of your violin. Hence protecting the antique violin bow from resin and dirt is better than to spend huge amounts of money on the repair work for violin.

How to Clean it?

Cleaning should not be done roughly. You should use either methyl or wood alcohol which you can get in the music store. These are the liquids that are required for cleaning the antique violin bow. The medium for cleaning should be done with the soft cloth or soft paper towels in combination with the liquids for the smooth cleaning of you antique violin bow. You cannot use any cloth which you feel like is soft. You can purchase them from the local hardware shop and from repair shop where you get the maintenance tools like the clothes and liquids for cleaning your antique violin bows.

Till now we were talking about what needs to be done for cleaning. Now we would also talk about should not be done. You should never prefer using rubbing alcohol as the results will be negative with this process. Instead of giving long life to your antique violin bow you will damage the bow along with the hair when you use rubbing alcohol for cleaning process. Hence follow these simple steps to have lifelong use of antique violin bow.


Violin Bow Hair

Having an interest in music is very good as it increases the energy levels and decreases the pressures that one faces with the daily maintenance activities and jobs. Individuals learning music also have their own issues which would trouble if not taken care, in the beginning, itself like your violin bow hair. Though many learn music with interest some learn it to relax their brains. There is a lot of difference between the both. While people who have the interest will keep their violin particulars like the violin bow hair and bow in perfect working condition as they are the life for them.

Though people who learn music for relaxation do take care of the things the excellence in maintaining the instruments would be the bit less. You can find the two categories among the beginners. While those who have interest would protect their equipment including the minor issues like the violin bow hair due to which their instruments will last long. People who do not take care unless everything is spoiled will have to eventually end up in paying a lot of amount on getting them repaired.

If you have financial problems for which you want to play for a while and the moment you see your violin bow hair is not working fine and have to get it repaired that would be the most irritating moment of the day. Though the music lovers take enough care for their musical belongings still there might be some issues that need to be taken care off along with addressing any problems which might come with the violin bow hair and similar problems with any other violin accessories.To read more click here about best violin shoulder rest reviews

Always ensure that you keep your violin along with the violin bow inside the violin case. Leaving outside will damage the violin bow hair. Also, one most important thing you should remember is that the violin bow that has the excellent violin bow hair on top of them will be very fragile and hence when you hit them against a table or door frame or against a ceiling would damage the violin bow hair along with the bow. Hence you need to handle it with utmost care so that the violin bow hair is not damaged and your violin will not become completely out of order.

One main important thing you should remember about the maintenance of violin bow hair is to loosen the bow immediately after use. If this is not taken care of properly the violin bow hair would stretch out and eventually will damage your violin bow. The more the violin hair stretches the less is the quality you will get with your bow. So if you have memory loss problem due to the multiple problems you have in your daily life then just pastes two words “Loosen bow” in the place where you will keep your violin after play.

If you have the great habit of placing it back in the violin case just write these words on a letter pad that have a violin picture to make it look good inside the case. Thus you should take minimum simple steps for protecting your violin bow hair.


Important information

A complete violin bow price guide is available at PickyGuide, the authority in free consumer advice. Access top-ranked, best-reviewed, and most competitively priced violin bows in picky guide’s recommended products section.

How To Care For Your Best Violin Bow

The Best  Violin Bow Is Fragile

Be sure to care for your violin bow as much as you care for your violin. violin bows are also extremely weak! If you break your bow, it is more difficult to repair than a hole in your violin. A broken violin bow that is repaired is far more likely to break again and it has lost its value. A good rule is to treat it as if it were made of glass or fine china.

To care for your violin bow always store it in your violin case in the bow holder. Do not leave it lying around where it can potentially be broken. When the bow is not being used, loosen the hair on it before you put it away in the case. The bow hair will shrink and stretch depending on changes in humidity. If your bow hair shrinks while the hair is not loosened, the head could break. If you store your bow with the bow hair still tightened, it may damage the bow by warping the camber. In extreme temperature/humidity cases, it can potentially crack or break the bow under the tension.

Depending on how much time you spend practicing, for proper care of your violin bow, some recommend having the bow re-haired at least once each year. Bow hair tends to wear out from playing. When you lose too many hairs, this causes uneven tension and the bow to warp. Due to temperature and humidity changes, bow hair stretches in the summer and shrinks in the winter. You might consider re-hairing a bow in the spring or fall.Read more reviews about yamaha ypt-220 review.

Be cautious not to bang your bow against anything if you are moving around with it in your hand. Be aware of your surroundings. Bows can and do break if you snap them against furniture or a low ceiling, for example. If a tightened bow falls on its tip, there is a good chance the head will break. The bow can also break if it falls on its end-screw.Read more reviews about casio ctk 2100 review.

To care for your best violin bow means that you also care for your violin.

Rosin is applied to the bow hair only when needed. Rosin improves the sound by adding the bow in gripping the strings. However, the result of too much rosin is a cloud of rosin dust which settles back to the instrument. Rosin is slightly acidic. It actually attacks the varnish on the violin. Therefore, applying less rosin on the instrument is better. Rosin build-up on the string definitely affects the strings ability to vibrate. While you are trying to improve the sound, you are actually defeating the purpose with excessively rosined strings. A good rule is to apply rosin thoroughly to a bow every fifth to tenth time you play.

This, of course, is a matter of opinion and dependent on how much you play as well. There are two types of rosin which are adapted for the climate conditions where you live: light rosin is best suited for warm climates. It is harder and not as sticky as the dark rosin. Dark rosin is most suited for colder climates and is softer than the light rosin. When heat and/or humidity is high you may want to use a lighter rosin; when it is cold or dry, use a darker rosin.get the top rated digital pianos reviews.

Care for your best violin bow after each use.

If you treat your bow with care and clean after every use. Use a soft, non-abrasive, clean, lint-free cloth. There are special cloths that are untreated with chemicals of any kind that can be purchased. If the violin bow is wiped properly after each and every use, you should not have to use any cleanser and/or polish. If you feel you must use a cleaner or polisher, do a spot test on the bow stick first. You do not want to discolor or damage your bow in any way. Piano keys learn.

DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF COMMERCIAL CLEANER AND KEEP ALL CLEANERS AND CHEMICALS AWAY FROM VIOLIN BOW HAIR. Remember, there is no safe cleaning of bow hair.Visit the top piano reviews.

Check the finger end of your violin bow to see if the grip is in good shape and not worn. Also, the ivory, bone or plastic tip on the bow’s head should be replaced if it is broken.To read more about best violin tuner reviews.

Often, I have seen musicians applauding by tapping their violin bows on a music stand or furniture. If you care for your bow, you won’t do this. Bows have been broken in this manner! Get the flute brands reviews.

After reading all tasks go through the links to get more about best alto saxophone reviews and wheeled cooler  buying guide reviews.

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