Best Violin Brands Reviews

Best Violin Brands And Reviews

When it comes to you buying a violin price is an important consideration. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money. One of the ways you can save when you do by a violin is by choosing best violin brands that provide you with a choice of prices. The prices differ according to quality. It is not always a necessity to buy a top of the range instrument and this is especially so if you are a beginner.


In order to have a choice you must have a list of top violin brands and some of the more well-known names are.

Best Violin Reviews And The Popular Violin Brands

Finally, all the amazing research that we have come through we have finally limited down the list of the best violin for sale to few.In the list, We have done the depth reviews of the top rated violins from several brands and different types of violin players.Get the top rated violin Ricard Bunnel G2 Violin Review.

So it should be quite easy for you to choose a Violin according to the type of the stage that you are in.Picking up from the list below will save you from wasting your great Money and Time on Violins that are of no use to you.If you want to buy beginner, intermediate or advance level player’s violins click here….

Yamaha v5 violin review

Yamaha Standard Violins:

The first level is the “Standard” line. These are violins that are perfect for the student who is starting up.

Are Yamaha Violins Good?

They are sturdy and well made, with OK sound. They are easy to adjust, have good consistency and playability, and they are easy to tune.Their necks, tops and backs are hand carved from seasoned maple.

Yamaha v5 violin

The basic “Standard” Yamaha violin model is the AV5, that comes in sizes from 1/16 all the way up to 4/4.

It comes with entire outfit, and two different sets of equipment.

The basic AV5-SC version comes with Wittner tailpiece and fine tuners. The model numbers for the different sizes are:

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  • AV5-44SC
  • AV5-34SC (3/4)
  • AV5-12SC (1/2)
  • AV5-14SC (1/4)
  • AV5-18SC (1/8)
  • AV5-110SC (1/10)
  • AV5-116SC (1/16)
  • AV5-44SKU (full size)
  • AV5-34SKU (3/4)
  • AV5-12SKU (1/2)

The AV5-SG version is a bit more refined as it comes with a rosewood tailpiece, 4 fine tuners and a fiber glass bow, with horse hair, and ABS case. The model numbers for the AV5-SG are:

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Cremona SV-800 Violin Outfit Review

Excellent workmanship

While we represent about Cremona Sv-800 that’s a fine workmanship with clear, and neat attached wood purfling.

Achieve extraordinary tone

All the Cremona violins are crafted following the great Italian tradition achieving an exemptional tone for frequent playing.


Oh ! don’t worry, the Cremona SV-800 is available all sizes in their beginner line, from 1/32 to 4/4

Consider somethings before buying:

When you will go to buy this German violin brand, that time you are attracted to violins that are nicely made with both the excellent materials and the nicest craftmanship passed down from the European teachers.

Finally, Cremona luthiers love the care to put into their work, as their violins feature quality spruce, maple, and ebony wood.


  • Hand crafted made of solid maple back and spruce top producing the rich ton.
  • Fingerboard made of genuine ebony.
  • Neck & scroll made from maple.
  • Trimmings are hill-styled from excellent boxwood.
  • This is golden orange varnish finish.
  • Composed with Thomastik Dominant Strings.
  • When it comes with a high-quality case, rosin cake, resilient Pernambuco bow (with genuine horsehair), and extra violin bridge.
  • The case is a lightweight wide-shaped case with plush inside


  • It is expensive for beginners, but provides a high quality and voiceful considerate tone.To read more reviews Cecilio cvn-500.

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Yamaha V3 violin Review

  • This is a Complete Kit
  • Dependable construction
  • Produce Great sound and playability
  • Solid credit and support
  • Superior stability Woods are thoroughly dried under environmentally controlled conditions to increase stability and to create a reliable instrument that even children can use.


We can refer, this is other fantastic option from Yamaha.It is suitable for entry level model that is built for stability but does not give up wonderful sound for the matter of stability.When it comes this is a complete outfit with the case,the bow and the rosin.The case is always hard and durable that is easy to carry.


This violin outfit is built with high quality ebony pegs,an ebony chin rest and an ebony fingerboard for stability and charm.mostly It comes right from the factory set up to play so even the most novice of composers will be able to enjoy the fantastic sound

However, this is an excellent portable device that is created with the novice in mind.
many people have purchased this violin they have reviewed about how well made this model is and highly recommend it for beginners.

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Cremona SV-130 Review

  • Hand-carved solid spruce top rated Hand-carved solid maple back sides neck and scroll
  • Inlaid purfling
  • New translucent warm brown finish
  • Ebony fingerboard and fittings VP-61 alloy tailpiece with (four) built-in finetuners VP-202 Cremona bridge
  • Deluxe Brazilwood bow with genuine unbleached white horsehair Light-weight and durable shaped violin case Shop adjusted


Saga has constantly been a pioneer when it comes to generating good quality violins to meet the demands of the expanding student market. Whilst focusing primarily on quality and worth to meet a specific price tag point, the new SV-130 Cremona Premier Novice Series violin was created. Whether the student is in the earliest stages of the understanding procedure, or properly on the way to a lot more advanced coaching, these violins will execute well beyond the expectation. – Hand-carved solid spruce top – Hand-carved solid maple back, sides, neck and scroll – Inlaid purfling – New translucent warm brown finish – Ebony fingerboard and fittings – VP-61 alloy tailpiece with (four) built-in fine tuners – Deluxe Brazilwood bow with genuine unbleached white horsehair – VP-202 Cremona bridge – Light-weight and durable, shaped violin case – Shop adjusted.To read Cewmona SV-225 review.

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Cecilio CVN-600 Violin Review

Advanced level player can depose to this violin’s quality and relax in the knowledge that this violin can last long

Additional It’s offering D’Addario strings’ you can faith in the fact that you will not have to change your bow strings frequently.

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Cecilio violins will long lasting and can be handed down through the family, making it an excellent feeling buy as well as something that will provide years of precious music.


  • Hand carved one-piece flamed solid maple back & sides; and solid spruce top (premium wood aged to perfection with a minimum of 7 years).
  • ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest and tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuner
  • Strung with D’Addario Prelude Strings.
  • Hand-rubbed oil finish.
  • It comes with a high quality case,rosin cake,brazilwood bow(with pearl inlaid frog), and extra violin bridge.
  • Violin case features velvet interior with padded neck restraint, hygrometers, storage compartments, and durable shoulder straps.


  • without doubt it’s price higher than other best violin brands, but worth the price
  • Only 4/4 and 3/4 sizes available.To read more reviews Cecilio cvn-500.

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Mendini 1/4 MV300 Review

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Mendini violin is perfect for the newbie or student violinist. It attributes hand-carved solid spruce leading, hand-carved maple back and sides finished with gorgeous colored varnishes. This violin is fitted with rosewood (painted black) fingerboard, pegs, chin rest, and alloy tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners. Violin accessories include Brazilwood bow with ebony frog and unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, a lightweight form fitting challenging shell case with pockets and strap (generating it convenient to carry to school or orchestra), Adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding & soft rubber feet, good quality rosin cake, violin bridge and an extra set of violin strings. Acquire with confidence as it comes with a 1- year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Violin package retails for 9.99.Read more how care for a violin.

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Windsor MI-1006 Full Size Violin Review

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If we get something good at a lower price, we blindly accept it.If we start with a good quality Violin and it is in our value then how is it. So we have found another Violin that can be our best violin to start, as well as our pricing.

Manufacturer features:

The other ten is made with excellent manufacturing features such as Violins.It builds a spruce top include ebony pieces like the tuning pegs and fingerboard. The body part is made of ebony.

The excellent sound:

It produces the high-quality sound features, Windsor MI-1006 is a vibrant, sweet tone that is well-tuned from the box.The chin rest is also made of ebony and freely adjustable

The case great looks that easy to carry and has a strap comfortable to carry.

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