Cecilio CVN 100 Review

Are you planning to learn violin? Are you breaking your head over the kind of violin you need to buy? Are you worried that the violins available are too expensive for your pocket? In case you are you would obviously be considering buying one. As a starter, there is no need for you to invest a lot of money in a complicated expensive violin. You could easily get a smaller version which helps you pick up the tune well. However, whenever you go out looking for a reasonably priced violin, there seems to be some problem with the tuning or the quality of sound that the violin gives out. That is why the Cecilio 1/2 CVN 100 Solid Wood Student Violin is such a good deal.

Reasonable Price & Features:

This particular violin comes at a very reasonable price and is just about ideal for those who are beginners in this line. Although a violin generally priced at this range tends to not have a lot of the features that an expensive violin would otherwise have, but this particular violin has most of these features; enough to get you started.

The materials used to make the violin are the classiest that could be available. The violin in itself is made out of rosewood, with a maple back. Mongolian horse hair has been used for the violin bow. However, it is not just the violin that comes at this price. You would actually get a neat deal which includes a case and certain accessories as well.After reading the tasks to learn click here about best violin brands reviews.

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Cecilio  CVN 100 Solid Wood Student Violin  Features and Specifications

  • Product Model number: CVN-100
  • Material used: Solid Wood.
  • Pegs made Hardwood,
  • Back and side made of Maple.
  • Contains chin rest, Tailpiece, and Fingerboard.
  • Tailpiece made of alloy with built in tuners.
  • Includes 4 built in tuners.
  • Bow made of Brazil wood with rosewood frog and Mongolian horse hair.
  • Accessories: lightweight hard case, quality rosin cake, 2 bridges & an extra set of violin strings

Real User Review Guides:

Customers who used the products were quite happy with the deal that they were given. Although most admitted at being wary since the price was a bit low, these doubts were cleared off by their respective violin teachers. Most agreed that the deal provided good value for money. The features that were available made the whole product quite a desirable one. The materials used were quite reliable and allowed for a good feel..

The case made the whole violin easy to be carried. In fact most agreed that the weight of the violin was quite easy to be managed. However some users claimed that they had to put in a little bit of extra effort to hold on to the tune. Yet that did not mean however that the violin was hard to be tuned in. In fact most of the users who bought this item said that their violin instructors were quite happy. Although this might not be a great product for an expert player, it is once in a lifetime deal for a beginner.After reading all tasks go through the links to get more about best piano and best digital piano buying guide reviews

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