Common Problems with Taylor Guitars

There are many guitar manufacturing companies around the world but Taylor has an edge over all of them. This means that Taylor’s acoustic guitars are the best ones available on the market. The company is based in California, United States. Taylor has established a great reputation in providing different types of musical instruments and their guitars are no exception.

Taylor is a renowned guitar manufacturing company known to make high-quality guitars since its inception into the market in 1974. Taylor boasts of premium quality acoustic guitars over the years along with other related musical instruments like preamps and amps. What’s more, they take pride in maintaining the design, structure and quality of the guitars.

Taylor offers a range of guitars in different models including both electric and acoustic. This means that there’s a variety to choose from basing on the vast inventory. As earlier mentioned, the guitars are made from premium quality materials to give you the best playing experience as well as increase their lifespan.

Taylor ensures all their guitars are high-quality without compromising on structure and playability. They offer a wide range of guitars to suit all your musical needs as per your personal specifications. When you make a purchase, you can’t help but notice the structural pose and smooth touch of the entire guitar.

In addition, Taylor’s guitars are specially designed to give its users the best playing experience. The guitar toning is nothing short of perfection which means you don’t have anything to worry about whilst playing. To cut the long story short, its safe to say that Taylor guitars are a complete package for professional guitarists and the novice alike.


Taylor offers a wide range of acoustic guitars to give you a chance to choose one that suits your musical needs. In this case, it would be best to go for a guitar in the right size with all the features you might be looking for. However, you should bear in mind that nothing is perfect and guitars fall in this bracket as well.

Consequently, Taylor guitars come with their fair share of common problems just like their counterparts. Some of these problems are relatively small but its important to be conversant with them in case of an emergency. Let’s delve deeper and explore common problems with Taylor guitars, shall we?

Common Problems with Taylor Guitars

  1. Amplified Buzz or Hum

One of the most common problems associated with Taylor’s electric guitars is slight buzzing or humming sounds when playing. It’s especially common in preamps on Taylor’s line of guitars. The humming sound amplifies almost immediately when you plug in electric guitar on the amp. Amplified hum and buzz sound mostly results from grounding issues.

However, you can easily resolve this problem by sorting out the grounding issues. To fix the issue, you first need to inspect all external factors. Once you have ruled out other reasons, you can proceed to confirm if the wires are grounded correctly on the Taylor guitar. This not only helps you tighten loose wires but also reset them to remove the buzzing and humming sound.

Sometimes, the amplified buzz or hum is usually as a result of loose guitar wires.

  1. Lack of Sound After Plugging In

Another common problem with Taylor guitars is that sound might not come out when you plug in the guitar. The good news is that you can fix this problem immediately with ease. In this case, you first need to check if the preamp batteries are new, work well or fitted correctly. Plus, sometimes batteries stop working especially if they are loose so you can check them out to eliminate any issues.

Under normal circumstances, you need to connect Taylor electric guitars to the preamp. However, if you do it in a hurry, you might not fit the batteries correctly or forget about them all together. Batteries usually play a significant role that’s why you need to ensure they are working perfectly well and fully charged.

You might need to replace the batteries if they are still not working even after fully charging or fitted properly. Replacing the batteries can fix the lack of sound problem when you connect the guitar to preamps. For the most part, overtime batteries lose power and needs to be charged all the time. In such scenarios, it’s always advisable to go for the safest option which is replacing old batteries with newer ones to eliminate battery-related problems.

  1. Compatibility Issues

Most Taylor guitar players experience different problems especially with the acoustic guitars failing to work correctly as they are supposed to. In such cases, you’ll notice that the acoustic guitar has compatibility issues with other different amps. Plus, the spare parts are not easily accessible if you’re looking to fix this problem.

You need to factor in compatibility issues before settling on Taylor guitars. This is because you can’t modify Taylor guitars and you may have trouble finding the right amp that’s compatible with your guitar. Plus, you wouldn’t have the luxury of replacing any part that tends to get damaged since Taylor guitars spare parts are a near miracle to find on the market.

You can find a range of spare parts for acoustic guitars from other different companies except for those of Taylor guitars. It’s difficult to get one that’s compatible with your guitar even if you stumble upon an old piece. The feel and sound of the guitar might be out of place if you manage to replace a part meaning the Taylor guitar will not be the same anymore.

  1. Distorted Sound When Plugging In

Another common problem with Taylor guitars is a distorted sound when plugging in. Fortunately, you can fix this issue with ease without spending a lot of time improving the guitar. To eliminate this problem or avoid it altogether, always check the plugs before plugging in and also clean them properly along with the guitar’s input port.

Most of the time, dust particles gather around the guitar’s input port. For this reason, your Taylor guitar tends to produce a distorted sound making it look like the plug is not as tight as it should be. You’ll not experience this problem once you clean the input ports thoroughly. If cleaning the ports doesn’t fix this issue, you might need professional help to ascertain the guitar doesn’t have internal problems.

Sometimes, dust particles usually collect inside the guitar and that is where the expert come into play. A professional will help you open the guitar and clean it both inside and outside thoroughly.

  1. Dry Guitar

Dry guitar is one of the most common problems with Taylor guitars as well including cracks, string buzz and sharper fret ends. The latter tends to get sharper owing to fretboard shrinking, which in turn, makes the frets protruding and equally sharp. If this is the case, then you might need to humidify your acoustic guitar.

Using a humidifier for your Taylor acoustic guitar is quite essential since the dry air tends to cause different parts of the guitar including the neck to crack. This in turn affects the performance and functionality of the guitar.

Most guitarists like showcasing their collection of guitars on the wall but they have no idea that it can affect the guitar. Just like other delicate objects and products, you need to handle your Taylor guitars with utmost care and that means storing them securely in their respective cases and places with adequate humidity.

It would be best to put the guitar back in the case after use for protection and to prevent it from getting dry. You can also use a humidifier for the Taylor guitar.


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