Cremona sv-1260 Review

All violin players should clear Cremona SV-1260 Review before buying it. Although all violinists start out as beginners, eventually as one progresses in their knowledge of the musical arts they want something that is able to emit better sounds and clearer melodies. For those that are looking to invest in a solid musical instrument well worth its price tag the Cremona SV-1260 Maestro First Violin Full Sized is a great place to start. Made completely of one piece and handcrafted, this delightful violin is a sight to behold and one that is well worth the price tag as it is made of only the most select woods making it able to produce only the finest sounds.If you want you can check theĀ Cremona Violin brand Review.

Outfit Review

Cremona Maestro Series Violin is easy to carry and protection keeps safely in a Travelite TL-35 Violin case.
Travelite Brand was published, It has achieved the lightweight and durable instruments protection honor.

Excellent Manufacturer Features:

The full sized violin as mentioned is made completely of one large pieces of spruce with a speckled maple neck that has a flamed pattern set across it to add to the visual enticement of the Cremona SV-1260 Maestro First Violin. It also features inlaid purfling in ebony that creates an antique image that matches well with the overall appearance of the violin. Boxwood fittings also nicely compliment the overall appearance and sound of the violin as the Brazil wood bow that it comes with also helps to create the flawless melodies that most advanced musicians are aiming to achieve with a violin such as the Maestro.To read Cremona SV-225 review.

Cremona sv-1260 of Sound Feature


Also vital to the overall sound of the Cremona SV-1260 Maestro First Violin is the fact that the tuner is clear and loud even in environments that may offer a great deal of random noise such as a packed orchestra hall or an outdoor performance area. The bridge is strong and at just over a few pounds the violin is lightweight enough to be easily toted around from location to location without much fuss. Even more, it also comes with a shell case to protect your investment with soft velvet lining and an instrument blanket included inside the case for further protection.Check Mendini MV500 review.

Features at a glance:

  • Hand-carved and graduated select solid Spruce top Hand-carved and graduated select solid flecked flamed maple neck back and sides (Flame varies by model) Back is 1-piece
  • Delicate precisely inlaid Ebony purfling Extremely elegant edge work for the aged look
  • Hand-applied oil varnish Hill-style Boxwood fittings
  • Ebony fingerboard nut and saddle Cremona 3-star bridge Perlon Strings (1) VP-14 finetuner
  • LB-19 J LaSalle Brazilwood bow with genuine unbleached white horsehair TL-35 Deluxe Travelite suspension case Shop adjusted

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