Cremona SV-225 Review

At first glance the Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin Full Size may not look like more than just a simple dark violin, but a closer look at the professional value violin actually shows that it is quite impressive both in terms of detail and the sound that the acoustic instrument is able to produce. Resembling more of a professional violin than an affordable choice, the violin is hard carved with delicate detailing that is comparable to the soft melodies and gentle movement that the instrument is flawlessly and smoothly able to produce.To read more about how to buy a violin.

Great features of the manufacturer:

The Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin has a beautifully hand carved solid Spruce top and solid flamed maple back, sides, neck, and scroll. It has a wonderfully elegant antique German brown finish and it has inlaid purfling. The fingerboard is made out of finely polished ebony. The excellent quality, J. La Salle bow is made of Brazil wood and genuine and unbleached white horsehair. The case is light weight and strong enough to protect the instrument.To get more click here about best kids violin reviews.

Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin outfit review:


The Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin is perfect for all of those who are willing to learn the elegant art of violin playing. There are many violin reviews about this product that sing praises of its wonderful look, feel, price and overall performance. Its beautiful and elegant stained reddish brown color is captivating and charming and its satin feel keeps it from getting unattractive finger marks. It is always best to get the feel of the instrument first. It does not necessarily mean that it will play well immediately after one gets it out of the box. It needs to be tuned first. The strings need to be loosened and tightened to perfection.To get more click here about best electric violin reviews.

Excellent sound and looks:

The Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin is known to create a beautiful sound and an elegant look at a very affordable price. It is a great beginner violin and it can go all the way to intermediate. When you are ready for a bigger investment with your talent then a more expensive violin will do but that is if you are not accustomed to the Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin still !.

Price Features :

There are very expensive violins out there with the same quality as that of the Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin. The difference between them and this wonderful violin is that the price will definitely knock your socks off and keep your budget intact. Originally at 300 dollars, the price on the Cremona SV-225 has been slashed down which saves you $$ dollars and $$ cents – thirty percent! This makes the wonderful art of playing the violin possible for even those who could not afford a thousand dollars or more on the instrument.To get more click here best student violin reviews.

Remember that buying an instrument is very personal since it is the person who will “feel” the instrument and develop his or her ability to figure out the instrument’s capabilities. It is always best to experience a less expensive instrument before investing in a budget blowing one since one has to experience the first steps. A beginner violin does not have to be cheaply made for one to experience these first steps. It can be as good and as inexpensive as the Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin.To read click here best violin brands reviews.

When You Buy This Yet, You Should Mind it:

When maintaining one’s beginner violin, never try to repair it yourself. You can contact their support team to get a warranty. With regard to using the rosin, make use of a lint-free cloth. Never put too much rosin since it will work against the violin’s sound and varnish. Also, have the bridged checked every month or so since a warped one will destroy the dura.

  • Really Fantastic can’t go wrong
  • It’s sound is deep and nice.
  • Varnish/Finish is Very Good
  • The Bridge is pre-set
  • Rectangular case is Very nice
  • Bow slots are very comfortable
  •  Rosin and extra are very useful compartments
  • The price is reasonable
  • This is very excellent quality
  • It’s expensive but great choose for beginners
  • Sometimes it will be loose and unreliable is very Strap.

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