Dr Drum Review: Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

dr drum review

Looking for an update Dr Drum review? We have you covered. Read on to find out what the software is all about.

Never really liked musicians much in my life, especially DJs who could whip up beats in a jiffy and catch the attention of all those present in a room. My reason was simple – I’ve always wanted to be a great DJ but never could realized that dream. Don’t ask why but that’s my life, well up until now at least.

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Dr Drum changed this around for me and I am proud to say that my life’s dream of being the center of attraction has finally been fulfilled. I would never have found out about this software had I not been foraging through some DJ forums. One special thread caught my attention and it was all about dishing out insult on Dr Drum beat making software.

Well, naturally, I wanted to find out why this simple sounding software was getting trashed by full time musicians. Read on and find out why hard working musicians have a problem with Dr Drum and how it helped me gain popularity.

Dr Drum Review – Its All That You Will Ever Require

Right so the idea of a disc jockey is to pelt out wicked tunes and beats, liven up a party and get folks grooving on the dance floor. Beats, drums and synthesizers are the key here but most of these accomplished DJs are also excellent musicians in their real avatar.

What about the rest of us?

The commoners with zero music making idea?

Well, that is where Dr Drum excels. Its not a product for music grads or pros but more catered towards folks who simply want to create magic with the touch of a button.


Get Dr Drum Here at the Official Site

If you are one of those folks who hardly bothers about how the music is made and only wants to recreate the magic, this is the beat making program for you. I wasted no time after seeing so many musicians hyped up against Dr Drum and downloaded my licensed copy to get started. My first impression was, I have been duped! Yes, there are plenty of things to do in this, so called, tiny software that you might just find yourself lost in it all.

Here are a few of the things that it provides:

  • 16 Track Sequencer

    16 track sequencer is the norm within the music industry. This is something I learnt later with more experience. Dr Drum beat making software gives you a total of 16 tracks to change stereo sound with, play patterns and include several beats, FX, keys, strokes and sounds. Its simple to copy bars or even multiple bars with just two clicks, change track volume, adjust the tones and pan the effect or even mute them to play with the ultimate production. Best of all, the YouTube uploader then lets you share your creation online and become a public sensation.

  • 12-Pad Drum Machine

    Total of 12 pads and with literally thousands of professional, exclusive booming sounds you can create beats of a magnanimous nature. I personally have mixed and matched hundreds of beats together and reproduced a truly unique beat. There is simply no boundaries as to what you can achieve with the drum machine interface of Dr.Drum. Mix the volume on different channels, change kits and do whatever you want to play with the drum beats.

  • 4-Octave Keyboard

    The 4-Octave keyboard lets you add in FX, strings, synthesizers, saxophones, pianos, guitars and plenty of other sounds. With this simple tool, you will make your beats even cooler. In my first production, I mostly relied on synthesizer sounds but towards my second gig, I understood the phenomenal change that I could bring in with a mixture of different bases. But, what I loved the most about its 4-Octave keyboard is that with a single sample, it can scan imported sound and recognize the note, recreating all other necessary notes for a complete four octave reproduction.

You can check out the comparison chart below:


Dr Drum Review – The Pros And Cons

The most obvious advantage of Dr Drum is that its available as a single software. No add-ons, no instruments needed at all. Just your average PC or laptop will suffice for a Dr Drum download. And yes it does come along with Mac version too.

Already built in with thousands of beats, notes and tunes, you never have to think of another software just for creating a new beat. But where this software trumps all other DIY beat maker program is in its simplicity and intuitiveness. From the moment you open the Dr.Drum download to the time you complete your first independent production, you will find yourself naturally learning new stuffs.

Plus, everything you encode will be in WAV format instead of MP3, so you never have to worry about losing out on sound quality.

Speaking of the cons, Dr Drum beat making software has a simple fundamental problem – its not designed for pros. Yes, if you are a professional reading this review, better head somewhere else because you will be sorely agitated and disappointed with Dr Drum. Its a beat making program for novices, wannabe DJs, and Rock stars at heart.

Its Been An Amazing Experience For Me

In all honesty, I have never before stumbled upon another beat making software that was so simple and easy to use. If ever any professional DJ found out my secret, I would definitely be in for an earful but until then I am living my dream with Dr Drum and its many fascinating sounds.

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