Taylor GS Mini vs Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor GS Mini and Taylor Acoustic Guitars are great choices if you’re looking for a small acoustic guitar with a bigger sound. In this review, I’ll take you through a detailed look at these types of guitars while comparing the tones and features in each one of them to help you make an informed decision when making a purchase.

Quick Comparison

Taylor GS Mini has a shallow waist, wider body and a long scale length than Baby Taylor Acoustic. The latter sounds fuller and louder while Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar is a warm sounding baby. Both of these acoustic guitars use the same neck and bracing shapes along with tone woods.

Shape and Size

Taylor GS Mini and Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitars are quite different when it comes to shape and size of the body. For this reason, it affects the feel, look and tone of both guitars.

Just as the name suggests, Taylor Mini Guitar falls under the mini concert category. Plus, it has a relatively larger body as compared to the Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar which is typically a ¾ dreadnought. In addition, the GS Mini has a long scale length as compared to its counterpart.

The table below shows a highlight of the dimensions of these acoustic guitars.


Generally, these guitars have different shapes and dimensions. For instance, the GS Mini features a narrower waist and wide lower bout than that of Baby Taylor which impacts significantly on the tone.


Tone Differences

The GS Mini tends to produce a loud sound owing to its large body. It has a clearer and richer tone with a little more midrange. Baby Taylor, on the other hand, has a warmer and darker tone with bass.

Let’s compare Taylor GS Mini and Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitars.


Playability and Feel

Most guitarists find the two guitars manageable and easy to play since they are both compact. However, they have a few different things that affect their ease of playing. Some guitarists find the Taylor GS Mini easy to play owing to their wide lower bout and narrower waist which makes balancing it on the knee a lot easier as compared to Baby Taylor with a dreadnought shape.

The scale length of GS Mini is slightly longer but that doesn’t affect anything save for when a small child is playing it. This guitar also has a thicker body but doesn’t by any chance impact negatively on its playability. At least that’s what mots guitarists say.

Both guitars have the same neck width and fretboard radius. However, the Taylor GS Mini comes with a neck heel that most players find slightly annoying. The Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, on the other hand, doesn’t have a neck heel.

Taylor GS Mini additionally features medium length gauge springs that are slightly thicker compared to lighter gauge springs on its counterpart. However, you can change all these after making a purchase. We don’t have a precise winner between GS Mini and Baby Taylor when it comes to ease of playing. In this case, it narrows down to personal preference and taste.

You can give both guitars a try to find out which one suits your needs better.


Specifications Comparison

Here’s an overview of the specifications of both Taylor GS Mini and Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitars


The GS Mini and Baby Taylor Different Versions

Both of these guitars come in different variations that use different types of wood. For instance, some guitars are standard while others are electro. Here’s a highlight of the different models available on the market if you want to check the prices we’ve linked to them.

Taylor Baby Acoustic Guitars

Taylor GS Mini

  • Taylor GS Mini Rosewood
  • Taylor GS Mini Mahogany
  • Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Electric Koa
  • Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Electric Koa Plus
  • Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Rosewood

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