Use Music to Enhance Your Everyday Life

Use Music to Enhance Your Everyday Life

playing musicIn today’s hectic world, it’s easy to get stressed and anxious. You don’t jump out of bed every morning while the day’s chores hang over you like a big black cloud. The work you must accomplish, whether it’s at an employer’s desk or at home seems insurmountable. You may wonder how you are ever going to survive.

If this sounds like you, then you are overlooking the greatest thing ever that can help you through your days and improve your outlook on life. You want something that will return you to the happy and energetic person you once were. You can use music to enhance your life. Music has long been recognized that it has an effect on our emotions. Some genres making us calm while others give us energy and enthusiasm, lifting our hearts into a happy state.

Music is therapeutic. For example, the best white noise machines have music that make you sleep fast.

If you are upset or exhausted, play music that’s recorded for meditation purposes. This is important even if you don’t actually sit down and meditate. You might listen to it on your commute from the office to home, or in the kitchen as background music when your hungry kids are fighting as you attempt to get dinner on the table.

Wear noise cancelling ear plugs if you have to drown out the sound of the TV or other distressing sounds. Research has shown that meditation music plays at about 60 beats per minute. This promotes alpha waves on both sides of the brain, facilitating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Your heart rate will actually be lower.

Other music which will relax you includes spa music. This music is easily available on CDs at your favourite record shop or online. Music at this speed promotes a feeling of well-being and creativity, and heals your soul of whatever is ailing it. It helps to balance the bombardment of fatigue, annoyance. I am sure if I visit a spas or nail shops open near me, I can get some of the CDs.

If you are a university or college student or have to study new procedures at your work, you can enhance your learning experience by listening to classical music. Recently a pop psychology book by Don Campbell called “The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind and Unlock the Creative Spirit” alerted social scientists to the ability to actually increase one’s IQ by listening to classical music, in this case, the music of Mozart. Increased memory, concentration, and strengthening thinking skills have all been associated with this practice. Subsequent tests also confirmed the use of music, classical or otherwise, contributed to “white noise” which blocked out any distractions that might hinder the student’s concentration, greatly aiding in the study process.

You can learn more about white noise at this URL:

If you need to tackle a big housecleaning job or overhaul your filing system at work, don’t overlook the benefits of playing upbeat music that energizes you. A Latin beat produces a steady rhythm which produces a pleasing emotional response. If Christmas music is your favourite genre, ignore the calendar, and play your CDs or iPod, singing along lustily, whether it’s August or February. And if you need motivation to exercise, there are plenty of music selections that will get your feet moving.

If you had music lessons as a child, why not consider buying an inexpensive keyboard and a couple of easy adult books and getting back into making your own music. Not only will you soon be playing the songs of your own choice, but for that half-hour or hour that you are practicing, you will be forgetting all the cares of the day. What a wonderful gift you have given yourself! And even if you didn’t take music lessons as a youngster, it’s never too late to start. Look in your classified ads for a teacher who is willing to take on adult students and start yourself on an exciting hobby that will bring you many years of pleasure. The hobby can also increase your  confidence and self-satisfaction that comes with learning a new skill.

No matter what emotion you are experiencing, there is a type of music that can cheer you up or calm you down. Start exploring how to use music to make your life richer and more enjoyable. You owe it to yourself to look forward to the dawning of every day and to go to bed every night pleased with yourself and the accomplishments you’ve achieved. Music is the tool that can get you there.

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