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We are currently looking for guest posts that cover the following instruements:

  • Trumpets
  • Drums
  • Violins
  • Keyboards

We are only accepting “buyer guide” types of articles for these topics. You can see examples of past guest posts here:

If you are comfortable writing these types of articles, we would be happy to accept your guest post. Here are some quick guidelines that the content should follow:

i) All the products reviewed in the article should be available for purchase on (, or .ca)

ii) Write in a professional yet friendly tone

iii) Provide the relevant images in your articles.

All content should be 1500+ words. The longer the content, the better

For individual product reviews, the content should be 1200+ words

For buyer guides (or lists of “best x products”), the content should be 3000+ words

Linking to Your Site

We allow you to link to your sites or other authority sites in the articles. You will get 1 do follow links on the articles.

Buyer guides/list articles that are over 3000 words will get 3 do follow links

Still interested in writing for us? Please send us a message here to request for a topic. In the email, indicate whether you are interested in writing about trumpets, drums, violins, or keyboards.

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