Yamaha YPT 220 Review

The Yamaha YPT 220 Keyboard Piano is a nice platform for showcasing a beginner’s talent.  With a rich song database, it enables a student to learn simple pieces that he can eventually follow and play during practice.  With a complete package which includes professional headphones and a stand, it could help facilitate learning even without an expert beside you.

Since Yamaha broke new ground in the field of music decades back, it has become a luminary figure, constantly producing musical instruments that carry a promise of excellence.  The Yamaha YPT 220 is ideal for students who want to hone their talent in playing the piano.

Although it does not exactly give you the feel of the regular 88-keyed behemoth, it would still be the perfect learning playground due to portability and cost. It could still cater to the requirements of a learner.

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Loads of great Features and Benefits

  • Features such as the Yamaha Educate Suite or Y.E.S. allow for easy learning with step by step guidelines.  Learning a piece is made easy by this signature Yamaha feature, incorporating in its user the value of learning on your own.
  • As stated, it has a song bank of 102 songs, 375 instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles to teach, familiarize and accentuate piano pieces.
  • An authentic stereo grand piano sound can immediately be produced by the Portable Grand Button to set up this Yamaha YPT 220 keyboard to play like an authentic piano.
  • The specific Reverb function enhances the sound by producing a concert hall atmosphere.  It gives that certain boost in confidence as one plays his favorite piece.  It is as if he were in his own recital.
  • The Sound Effect Kit is a playful additional feature as it has several programmed fancy sounds like a barking dog.

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Loaded with the above features, the YPT 220 would well serve the first time learners.  It would allow them to sharpen their skills in piano playing even if they do not have the finances for a regular piano, as its price is steeper.  Professional keyboards, on the other hand, are also expensive and could be more complicated because it is loaded with other knobs and keys that would just crowd the mind of a starter.Checkout another yamaha EZ-200 review.

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Relatively, this Yamaha Keyboard fares well if they are to be compared with other competitive brands – for the beginners, that is.  In terms of features, they have their certain edges, but they also have some low key points.

A specific Casio keyboard brand could be a tight competition especially for beginners because they feature keys that light up during play.  This is appeal points and might give the Yamaha Keyboard Piano a run for their money.To read more about casio AP420 review

This would be an ideal gift for perhaps a son or daughter with the talent and eagerness to learn.  Investing on a Yamaha Keyboard Piano is well worth your money.

  • With a weight of just a little over twenty pounds, it can easily be transported – from home to school to friend’s basements.  Weight is an important issue for ardent beginners who would prefer carrying them around so as not to miss out on practice time.
  • It has a friendly price for a world renowned name.  Yamaha commands a pretty considerable price, which is justified by its expertise in manufacturing musical instruments.  But this Yamaha Keyboard Piano defies such belief with a price that does not go beyond 200 dollars.
  • It’s excellent birthday gift for you.
  • A lot of negative comments dwell around the YPT 220 keyboard stand. Reportedly, there are some packages in which the stands and the keyboard do not match. This renders the keyboard unstable as it is not securely fastened.

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